Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sciatic Relief - Neural Flossing

Yesterday afternoon gym time:

20 min bike
20 min elliptical
20 min treadmill
2000m row

I would row 500m then hop off and do my stretching and 'spine massage'.  Spine massage is simply done by laying on your back, pulling your legs/knees in so you are rolled up like a rolly poley, then you just roll side to side and forward and backward so that your spine and lower back get a good 'massage'.

By the time I got downstairs to start my weight work, my sciatic was feeling kinda ouchy, but it was weird...as soon as I finished one set on the lat pull down, I stood up to stretch and ... no pain in the ass!  :O)

I continued on with various weights work, and because I felt so good, I called the chiro and rescheduled my appointment.  I worked out on weights a bit longer, and headed home.  I probably did weights for 35 minutes or so.

Filled up the jacuzzi tub, threw in bath beads/oil and relaxed in it for 15 minutes making sure I spent most of my time with my left side/back up against one of the jets.  

I don't know what, if anything aided in the relief, I was just thankful for it.

This morning when I got up and put my foot down on the floor, I still had sciatic pain, but when I hit the floor for my morning stretches, something was different.

It wasn't as painful as previous days.  Good news indeed.

During some research yesterday I happened upon a piriformis stretch that according to most really aids in stretching and relieving piriformis (tension) and sciatica.  So I tried it a few times at work yesterday and again today, hoping that it may very well be responsible for what appears to be 'healing'.

While its a bit painful when doing it, it does provide almost instantaneous relief, and again, possibly aiding in healing.

I know I will keep doing this off and on at work today because it sho feel good!  :O)

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