Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Runday

Slept in this morning...well I got up at 6:20 but then went back to bed and slept till about 8:30...amazing...and wonderful.

Therefore this meant that I wouldnt be able to run till close to 6:30 this evening due to heat.  So I just made breakfast, laid around and then went by the pool for a bit of sun.  Had to run errands, buy momma a birthday present, so forth and so on.  Shortly after getting home the skies opened up and down came a whole lotta rain!  As soon as it let up I was out the door!  It was still sprinkling but I didnt care at all!  I always forget how sauna like it is after a rain :o( ... but today I welcomed the way I was feeling even if I was pouring sweat from every pore in my body.  I love that I can recover from a hard 18 miler...sometimes that amazes me as I remember that use to not be the case...this is my first marathon training where I have been running the Sunday after long runs.  I kinda like that ...

Just did my short 3 mile route and now can call it a day!

Quads were a bit tender all day but a couple of ibuprofen a bit earlier and that subsided.  Once I took off running nothing hurt and I was able to do the 3 miles at GMP.  I wonder does that make up for not being able to do them during my long run?  Probably not, but oh well :)

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NY Wolve said...

The joys of running in Texas in summer...I remember summer of 1999 when the low temperature on some days was 92. That was crazy. Good luck!