Wednesday, August 4, 2010

More Eat This! Not That!

Its still Summer time and that means for a lot of folks finding themselves out on the road!  If you arent like me (for the most part) and pack food for the road, when faced with only fast food options, remember items from this segment!


melissadishes said...

I just read one of those segments on Yahoo about Kid's Meals, it made me want to vomit.

The other day this giant lady was feeding her toddler mac and cheese at Panera and I wanted to slap her. Panera has plenty of healthy options and THAT isn't even close.

I made some comment about kid's meals the other day in a restaurant and Dan seriously lectured me about depriving kids of things and putting them in "diets". Seriously? I'm not saying put kids on diets. I am saying that feeding them meals with more than their suggested daily allowance is insane, especially since kids aren't as active anymore!

Maybe I should blog about that, since I wrote a mini blog on your comments!

Junie B said...

there was another segment (both on the Today Show and last night on Nightly News) about that numbers previously reported about the % of obese adults/children was not correct. And that the RATE that the obesity epidemic is catapulting, the health system is struggling to keep up.

this is what pisses me off! first off, all that insurance i pay is for the majority, paying for people who EAT like there is no tomorrow, weigh WAY too much, dont care either...and then tell me that I'M the one with the problem?

oh and yeah...i STILL firmly BELIEVE that the rate of cancer in this country is also directly related to the chemicals and crap in all that garbage people shove down their kids throats.