Monday, August 2, 2010

Product Review - Win Detergent - as told by: Stinky McStinkerson :o)

OK, I have worked for a year in a specialty running store, and part time since then.  I have been a runner for almost 5 years now.

And until last Summer and now this Summer I never could understand why we couldnt keep this in stock at the store; it would fly off the shelves when we would get it in..I washed my running stuff with normal detergent...and like I said recently I had to start rethinking this...

Let me explain.  This Summer even though I wash my running clothes ... its just not doing the job.  When I would wear a pair of shorts especially or even a top, within a mile or so of running I could 'smell' not a good smell at all.  Horrible. 

So horrible that I have taken to leaving them outside till they would dry and then spray Febreze on them to put them in the dirty clothes hamper.  To me my house smelled like a gym locker.

The theory is that with all the new technology of wicking sweat and gunk from your body as you run, it just builds up over time into the wicking fabric, and ordinary detergent just doesn't get the job done.  After so long hey its just gonna smell bad people no matter what :o)  Especially as your body even remotely starts to heat up and of course, sweat again. 

Now I know that Tide has come out with a product aimed at athletes but every single review I have read on it is BAD.  The smell is overpowering and makes most people nauseous whenever they start to run and sweat.

So last weekend I bought Win at Luke's and at 40% discount (it runs about $7 a bottle w/ no dis), well the price is ok :o) since its much more expensive but then again you are to only wash your athletic apparel in it.  Its not a substitute for your regular clothes and linens.

This morning on my run, I was sweating like crazy within the first mile.  Its that bad out there.  And by the end of the 2nd mile I was drenched.


Once I finished running and went inside and undressed...I did what I had to do.  Put the shorts up to my face and took a deep breath in.


OMG is it really possible???

I do believe Win has made a believer out of me!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to try some of this just because you said so :-)

Right now, I soak all of my athletic clothes in the washer for a few hours with Clorox 2, then run the cycle and line dry.

Junie B said...

I also heard that if you put 1/4 cup of vinegar in with reg detergent that will work. I might try that next time to see. its a heck of a lot cheaper. of course i will report back :o)

but for now i will just enjoy the fact that my running gear no longer smells like ... like.... well you know ... i am definitely sold on WIN detergent.

MJ said...

and here I thought I was the only 'stinky runner'. I'm going to have to investigate this product. As for now, there will be no 'sniff' testing, my clothes get peeled off in the garage and STAY there! :)

Junie B said...

CORRECTION! add the vinegar in the LAST RINSE CYCLE!!!!! works better that way ;o)