Friday, January 6, 2012

Weekend Motivation!!!

Motivation for the normal peoples like you and me....
I've taken yesterday and today off, hoping that the extra day of rest helps with my back/foot...partner in crime seems to think it will.  Short 10 miler tomorrow and then its minimal mileage until race day...also got my bib and corral assignment last night via email.  Today is the last day to either defer to 2013 or drop to the half.  Neither of which I am doing.

I'll either DNS or Finish what I started.  One or the other.  :O)

Texans playoff game tomorrow!!!  Woohoo!!!  Say what you will but I'm still a fan!!!

Saw this posted on Facebook last night and I really enjoyed this clip of the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials runners from Minnesota...their accents make me laugh sometimes listening...and well, who doesn't love the phrase 'train your balls off'...?  We were at dinner and the whole conversation was Trials, Trials, Trials...gotta love being out with someone who totally gets it.


Anonymous said...

I know you'll finish. You've got the heart that it takes.
I had to switch to the half because of injury (I'm hoping to run the full in the Woodlands) but I'll be cheering you on at the finish!!

Bill Blancett said...

Ha ha, I see what you mean about me stealing your stuff!

I Pull 400 Watts said...

What accents?

-South Dakota runner