Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Daily Mile - Exercise Tracking Software

You may notice something added to the blog over there to the right...a tracker now for mileage/workouts! 

Since I don't wear my Garmin when I treadmill, or when I yoga, weight train, bike ride etc., I haven't had a real clear indicator of what my yearly anything is as it pertains to fitness!  I have been seeing a lot of my Twitter and Facebook peeps logging their workouts using Daily Mile and it syncs up with both of those social media apps (if you want them to), and also you can share internally on DM with those people you allow to see them (kinda like Facebook I guess).

I added the widget (there is an option of 3) to my blog so that information is also shared with readers.  I only shared the miles though, so I don't know that anything outside of mileage will show up here...guess I will find out once I add a workout other than that...which now that I think about it, I need to go add the weight training from Sunday!  Nope, just distance.  I could add the widget to show my last workout, route, etc., but I certainly don't want to share running routes with just anyone!  :O)

Dailymile gives users a simple way to track their workouts. The application supplies users with a place to record all of their fitness efforts, whether they are strength training, jogging or doing any other physical activity.   I think its fun how it tells you how many miles to go before you are around the world, or how many donuts you've burned.  :O)

The user can record what they did, how many repetitions or miles they managed, when they did it and other workout related details such weight amounts and duration.

Users can also see what their fellow Dailymile members accomplished through feeds found on the homepage and on user profiles. The application also includes embedded maps so the user can plan routes. Competition features are included to give the user more ways to find motivation.  Dailymile is also compatible with Garmin, Android and iPhone devices.

Daily Mile offers many simple features that are combined to offer athletes a full spectrum of functions that can make their fitness goals easier to obtain. The application records more than workout times.

Users can add how much they lifted, how many repetitions they managed and routes that they took.  Dailymile can help athletes plan, organize and keep track of their workouts each day.

User profiles provide a fitness overview along the left hand side, which includes friends, motivations, total miles covered, fitness goals, number of routes created, number of races run and the user’s URL. The center of the user profile includes comments, images and more statistics.

A new user can join the Dailymile community by clicking the orange “Get Started” button found along the left side of the homepage.  Two buttons at the top of the form invite the user to log in with an existing Facebook or Twitter account. Users who prefer to create a new account can fill out the form provided below.  The form asks for an email address, full name and password.  The user can click the orange “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the form to complete registration.  A small note below the form advises the user that by submitting their information, they are automatically agreeing to the Dailymile terms of use.

Dailymile is available to all users for free.  There are no subscription fees or other charges for using the website.  Anyone can join the Dailymile community for free.  No premium paid membership is available at this time.  The site includes a small online store that sells t-shirts, however this is currently the only place users are asked to spend money (and it is completely optional).
Daily Mile Features
  • Challenge friends and family to fitness competitions
  • Record each days activities and share on Twitter and Facebook
  • Build up a friends list and profile on Dailymile
  • Create fitness goals and post them to your profile
  • Upload images to go with your profile

Want to join me on Daily Mile????  Do you use any other software for tracking all your workouts so you can get a weekly, monthly, yearly synopsis???


Lauren said...

I used Daily Mile consistently last year and it was fun to see my end of year totals. I wish I could figure out how to show only running miles (instead of my running + cycling).

I just started using Running Ahead yesterday and might switch from Daily Mile to that. We shall see!

junieb said...

good to know Lauren! I might enter bike miles separately, maybe by time? I will figure something out! :O)

TX Runner Mom said...

I have a daily mile account that I haven;t been using in awhile. I have vowed to be better about tracking everything this year. Right now, I am using Training Peaks, only because that's what my tri coach uses. We'll see how that goes!

K said...

I have been using DM for about 8 months now and I really like it. I just dumped FB and never really got into Twitter, so DM provides some of the social aspect I was getting on FB. I like that it is focused on fitness and leaves out, for the most part, other matters that tend to stir up much debate.
You CAN separate your totals, Lauren. When you go to your Training tab, if you have logged your workouts according to the type, ie, swim, cycle, run, you can then select which graph you want to see. It will show you each discipline and the total for that discipline.
I log Fitness, Yoga, Running, and Swimming. There are many other options.
Also, I do believe that you can pay a premium and become a "PRO" member, though I do not know what that gives the member access to. It may just be a way to support the site and it stays ad free.
I don't think it has the privacy options that FB has, just yet, but you can use an alias, so that in itself provides privacy.
June, I tried to find you on DM but wasn't able to. Look for me!

JB said...

Found you K! Just sent request!

Fitclerk said...

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