Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Day of the Year - 2012

Here is how the first day of the new year shaped up for me

Enjoyed laying around in bed a bit longer this morning

Running of course!

Hit the gym!  Yes the gyms ARE open today!!!

Football!  I had an offer to go to the game today but passed on that...that's an all day affair (9am to almost 5pm), and I had other things I wanted to accomplish today!  And really Kubiak?  Who goes for 2 when 1 would have tied and you would have had a decent chance?  Smooth move Exlax.

Nap during the game!  :O)

UNBELIEVABLE!  JUST UNBELIEVEABLE!!! Speechless.  Completely speechless.

What about you?  Nursing a hangover?  Laying around, eating?  Just laying around?

All I can say is there were 3 people besides me at the gym today; guess those resolutioner's are all waiting for tomorrow...always tomorrow...


Xaarlin said...

Sounds like your 1st day of 2012 was a good one!

I ran a 5k with my dad in not so nice conditions (cold, windy like 45 mph gusts) then we watched foot ball and I kept complaining about how sore I am from running the last 3 days.

And you are right about the gym. Although I'm sure all those people will start today and in 3 weeks their resolutions will be broken. (and I'll be happy the gym is not busy anymore!)

Happy 2012!

Jamoosh said...

I thought going for two was the right move. Make it or fail - either way the game is over. Going for a tie would likely have meant more overtime and more wear and tear on player's bodies. The fact that you are more likely to get injured when you are tired and with the Number 3 seed already locked up, the Texans really had nothing to gain by going into overtime.