Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Recovery Mode

They say that recovery for a marathon should equal one day for every mile ran. 

Personally I always assumed that this meant you did not run for 26 days.  And personally I have never followed this rule.

I typically will run my first run anywhere from 2-3 days later, nothing crazy, 3 miles or so and oh so very slowly.

However when we were at the expo on Friday listening to Joan Benoit Samuelson, someone asked about Bill and Joan's recovery style.  Joan brought up the one day per mile thing, but also said that that does not mean you don't run or do anything at all.

That those 26 days should be done slowly, and as your body feels its necessary for recovery.  I thought 'oh good..thats what I have always done'.

Yesterday was pretty darn rough.  The roughest day after marathon that I have had since that fateful day after in 2007.  THAT was horrible.

My calf/achilles was still very sore and it hurt pretty badly.  Obviously my quads and hamstrings were sore but a bit more sore than in marathons past.  I attribute this to the fact that for once I did not jump in the tub full of ice.  I don't know why I didn't this time, but it was a mistake for sure.  Other than getting out to return some things that we used for the Olympic Trials, all I did was some laundry and lay around on the couch watching DVD's.

This morning I woke up with still sore quads/hamstrings/calf, but better than yesterday.  After going to breakfast with friends then taking a nap :O) (must have been some sleeping pills in the food!), I headed to the gym.

I hopped on the treadmill and walked for 3 miles then hit the weights for an hour, even hopping on 2 leg machines (one for quads and one for hamstrings on low weight).

I don't know how folks walk for more than a mile.  Its mentally hard for me and I give kudos to those that walk half marathons/full marathons because damn it, that shit is hard!  :)

My plans for now are to attempt to run 3 miles tomorrow (on the treadmill), but if the calf/achilles are one bit ouchy, I will trash that and just walk the 3 miles again.  I don't want to run too soon.  And I have no plans of running on pavement until Saturday or Sunday (not certain which day I will get out and its nice to not have to worry about mileage/time etc. for a couple of weeks until Kenyan Way starts up again)

I find myself starting to replay Sunday in my mind, and the fact that I had all the endurance/stamina in the world and was still running those 7's at a good clip...if it hadn't been for the damn leg!  My back is not even bothering me!!!  And no foot numbness so I am thrilled that I didn't further damage that (at least that's apparent as of now).

I am looking forward to starting up with hills and speed again with Kenyan Way, and thats not for 2 more weeks, or is it 3?  AND anxious for races that I have scheduled for March. 

Anyway, until then it will just be running on my own or with friends and training with Kyle.  He is anxious to get to work on training/strengthening my legs and while thats all great...I know that after that first leg workout, I will probably be in more pain than after the marathon!

What's your MO for marathon (or half marathon) recovery?


robinbb said...

I posted about my marathon recovery last week on my blog. Normally I try to jump right back into training as fast as possible. This time, I am doing things differently. I just qualified for Boston last week and am training for this year's Boston. Those are huge things in my eyes and am going to give my body the rest that it deserves. I am taking 2 weeks of very easy running and then hopefully starting training. I am on my 2nd week and it is killing me not to run more, but I am proud of myself for doing this.

Mel said...

Hope your leg feels better soon!

I usually follow the Hal Higdon recovery schedule post-marathon