Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Can Be A Bad Girl

...when it comes to food!!!  I can!  I can!  I can!

I don't recall ever blogging about this before...but if I did, oh well...its on my mind right now because twice this week I was judged (in a way that felt funny) about food choices.
  • Grocery store a couple of nights ago:  The person behind me in line said "wow.  That's a lot of brussel sprouts!"  Now I know that without being there, you cannot hear the tone and of course you can't see the squinched face they made, and honestly it was a lot of sprouts among a host of other good for you food...and then the eyeing of the rest of my items...anyway, it isn't the first time but mainly I hear "I wish my cart looked like yours" and what-not.  I don't know, it felt 'off' and after seeing what was in their cart, I figured they just felt guilty as hell for all the processed crap they had (I didn't see any vegetables, live or frozen!).  I should have said "wow.  That's a lot of crap!", but obviously I didn't.
  • At work this week, and this isn't rare, it happens a lot actually, but just the 2nd time in one week where I felt like people were taking the guilt of their own purchases and somehow saying something about my food made them feel better?  I don't know, but I do get tired of it.  If someone sees me eating chocolate or a donut they always make some snide remark...
Here's the thing:  Right now in my house, in my pantry, in my freezer, there are bad processed fake foods.  There are frozen pizzas and there are packages of Ramen.  There is a box of white rice right next to the brown rice.  There is a bowl of Reeses (on the top shelf of a cabinet) for emergencies.  You get the idea.

Sometimes I want frozen pizza (obviously I add a lot of other things to them i.e. fresh veggies, chicken etc.) and one day in the Summer after a long run I was craving Ramen (probably for salt) and I didn't have any so the next time I went grocery shopping I bought a few packages because if the craving ever hit again, I wanted to have it handy.  Same thing with so many things...

Once a week I have a big ass breakfast taco with cheese, potatos, and bacon.  So what? 

I wasn't always the person who cared about what she put in her body...not by a long shot!!  Hell-o have you read my sidebar?    ------>

And while I think it is very important that I feed my body for its purpose of living and not satisfying my emotions, sometimes I still want what I want and by God, I'm going to give it what it wants and if that is a bag of Tostitos and a jar of processed queso, then so be it.

I think saying you will never ever eat something...well I guess for some people that might work, but it would never work for me.  I also don't just save treats for something fabulous and out of this world.

Sometimes to any given time those Tostitos/processed queso are the most fabulous and out of this world thing I can think of.

Just last night I tweeted that the items I am craving are:  cinnamon rolls, fried chicken, macaroni and cheese (from the box!) and biscuits and gravy.  And I also told one of my coworkers that if I had a good race, my ass was going to Popeyes! 

So I sometimes get judged by the processed food lovin' folks and I guess sometimes I get judged by the same processed food lovin' folks when I make bad choices too!  Although I am willing to be that I get judged by the food nazi's too...if given the opportunity.

Lets see...which is worse:  drinking, smoking and drugs OR not doing any of those things, add running to the mix, working out and maybe 20% of the time eating something that isn't necessarily so good for ya?

Of course if a person isn't at a place where maybe they shouldn't be eating badly, that might be a different story...get your health in check and then reap the benefits!!!   Just my opinion.  :O)

Moderation.  All about moderation.

Even when it comes to the naughty things in life....


Lisa J said...

one thing i've learned when it comes to eating healthy, the ones who are in denial or feel guilty for their own habits (aka all the ones making the snide remarks to you) are the first ones to call out others so they don't feel alone. I don't know if I would have been able to keep my mouth shut with both coworkers or the sprouts lady, so good job!

Melissa said...


I have people comment on my food at the store and at work all of the time. No matter how it happens, i'm always annoyed. I probably judged their food too, I just kept my thoughts to myself, lol.

those are the same people who don't understand enjoying food in moderation or being a food snob. Or just REALLY liking something.

My ass is having a hamburger and fries at Mighty Fine Sunday night when I get back to Austin. No bunless crap either, i'll go to the store next door and get myself a GF bun

Lesley @ said...

I treated myself to COMFORT food tonight and I did it guilt-free.

But on the other hand, I had a clerk at the grocery today that commented on the majority of items... "What is THIS?" Um, it's kale. You should try some. Hmmmm, these are popular (wheat bagel thins).. instead of squishing your bread on the way out, you pay for someone else to squish it... uh, no, it's less bread.