Friday, January 20, 2012

Periodic Freak Outs are No Big Thang

This is me not on marathons

I keep reminding myself that I said no more full marathons.
No more full marathons.
No more full marathons.

I have a slew of Spring races from 5K to 10 Milers to do.
I have 3 half marathons to train for in 2012 that I want to attempt my sub 2 hour..
So why do I start going nuts when I think about 'when does marathon training start' only to realize that ... it doesn't.
And then I think...oh just one more...I don't have to tell anyone...
And then I realize that that is beyond ridiculous...who does a marathon and not scream from the rafters that a) you're training and running a bazillion miles and b) you finished the marathon and are still alive

Isn't that why Facebook, Twitter and blogs were invented in the first place?  Or is that just me?

And then I go and read Last Mile Lounge this morning and there is Jamoosh already talking about doing more marathons when I thought he was gonna quit too :)

And he taunts me with his Go Big or Go Home mentality! 

I don't know who I am without training for a marathon.

And I get a bit freaked out that when KW starts back up that I have to at least start out the run with the 2:00 half marathon group, hold on as long as I can, and hopefully hold on a bit longer as the weeks go by...

And I am freaked out that tomorrow is Saturday and I don't have to be anywhere before the crack of dawn.
So much so that I am finding people to run (not many mind you) and they want to, but not at 6am.
Huh?  Why not?
Me no comprende.

I have a lot of really fast friends and they're running ... but I can't keep up with those show offs!  :O)

I know that I am in no danger of signing up for any Fall marathons (that I know I will never do again), but what worries me (already) is that I won't be able to resist the draw of training for Houston again.

I already know I have a spot if I want it, which makes it even harder...
When the time comes will I be able to stand my ground...?

I am going to do everything in my (will)power to ward off the evil lure and seduction of the full marathon from me and my mind! 

They say 'resistance is futile', but I am hoping to prove that wrong...

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Mel said...

I had the same reaction when I said no more. Especially after I downgraded for SA. I had to be restrained pretty much, because I was seriously considering upgrading for Whiterock.

In hindsight, it was a good idea not to, not even including the race day weather.

I'm going to be firm with mine. At least until 2013, even then, I think I am done with it.