Sunday, January 8, 2012

Katie Bar the Door...

Today was my last "long" run before the Houston Marathon next Sunday...

I ran 10.48 miles at a 9:45 pace.  It was stupid but I did it anyway.  It was warm (60) and a bit humid (but nowhere near what it was last weekend, I don't think).  I was in the groove and even though 3 miles of it were at Memorial Park (a surface that normally slows me down), I wasn't phased by it today for some reason.

I had foot numbness but not the entire run and that gives me a bit of cautious optimism.

Once I had 2 miles left, I tucked in behind 2 girls that I know that are 4-4:15 marathoners, put my head down and ran.

Today, I ended up going in to work, on a technicality.  I thought I was working, so last weekend I turned down the chance to go to the Texans playoff game today.  Then on Monday I saw that I wasnt working but the ticket was long gone, so yesterday I called to see if they needed me and they did as one person gave her 2 weeks notice and they just let her go.  So it worked out.

All day I kept waiting for the back pain and more foot numbness but it never came...sure it hurts a little, but nothing that I can't manage.

I still worry though about next Sunday.  Is it worth it for what it might do in the week or weeks afterwards?  I don't know.  Right now I feel pretty darn good about going out there, starting, and finishing.

Which brings me to my next thing:  A couple of weeks back when I ran the 20 miler, and I actually ran with someone the whole way (CB) AND we knocked it out of the park...well after we both thought about it, when we have run together its always been good; better than good actually.

So CB was at LL today and I broached the topic of  us meeting up on Sunday morning and doing this thing together...we both have a few aches and pains, and we both run about the same pace and we apparently run well together and the best thing about that is neither of us talk!  :O)  I told her that since I am off on Friday I would stop by LL, we'll assess how we're feeling and make the final decision there, but I am pretty certain (like 99.9%) that CB and I will be doing this thing together one week from today.

We both agree though that if one of us has to fall back, the other keeps going.  We won't sacrifice.. :O)  This takes a lot of pressure off of both of us ... I hate agreeing to run with anyone and then feel the pressure to perform outside of my limits on any given day.

And as of right now the forecast looks to be in our favor...praying that for once in my life I am dealt a good hand in the poker game that is marathon!

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christa said...

it was SO WARM today. muggy, humid - nasty.
last "long" for me too...ran 10 miles..went out long at memorial. we should meet up sometime!
good luck next weekend!