Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pump...Pump...Pump...Pump It Up!!!

We are now 10 days away from the Chevron Houston Marathon and 9 days away from the Olympic Marathon Trials!

Its exciting to see the 'commercial' on the television (I generally see it in the mornings before work); not really a commercial, but rather just a quick spot for the Olympic Marathon Trials.  I for one am getting really excited!

Here is the television spot.  I think it was done great!  Gives me chills every time I see it or even hear the accompanying music!

Recently at a Texans watch party where a lot of the HARRA board members were, and who consequently are also on either my running club (BCRR) and/or train with Kenyan Way were there, I was informed of where my volunteer captain for the Trials was, he indicated he knew where he wanted me to be on race day.  It wasn't until I received an email from him that I knew what that was.

Originally I thought I would be in the same place as when we 'practiced' the fluid stops last year at the 1/2 Marathon Championships, but due to several of the runners indicating there were too many hairpin turns that the powers that be altered the course, albeit slightly.  However due to the change, our team of folks will now be in Downtown Houston near the miles 3:11:19 of the Olympic Marathon Trials course.  The course map can be found here.  

Instead of just standing at or near fluid tables, I will be working the hospitality tent, which actually bodes well for me in case its freezing cold or raining.  Or both.  What this also means is that I will have to be up at 4am race morning to be at one location at 5 to pick up Starbucks and breakfast tacos, and then transport them to the area where I will be hospitality-izing!

Somehow this event here in Houston is overshadowing the fact that I will be yet again running the Houston Marathon the very next day (barring any further injury or increasing pain due to current injury).  More on that later...

Additionally friends are starting to either post on Facebook images of the long range forecast, or texting me them :O) the weather stalking for many has begun.  I look at the weather each morning...and of course keep my eye on the weather cast each day on a local news station.  I tend to lean towards just paying attention to the local forecast since they use viable data, only go 7 days out whereas weather   .com's use generalized data and go off past years and its really just a whole lot of 'this might happen if this happens and this happens and this happens...'

Additionally I wanted to point out that while NBC has the rights to the Olympic Trials and will not be streaming live online or otherwise, I do know that NBC will be showing the Trials later that day, so check your local listings!!!  I know even though I will be front and center and up close to the action on race day, my butt will be planted in front of the television later that afternoon so that I can see the entire thing instead of just the 3 times the runners will pass (quickly) before my eyes!!!

Will you be watching???


Jamoosh said...

We'll be over on Allen Parkway by Taft. Can't wait!

TX Runner Mom said...

I will be near the El Paso Building! They are actually providing breakfast for all employees who are watching the race. I am soo freaking excited about this!!!

Xaarlin said...

You need to take loads of photos and write a great post about the trials and your marthon! I need to live vicariously through you :)

I'm also pissed they aren't broadcasting the trials live- and instead making a recap show later on. :(