Monday, January 23, 2012

Product Review - PureFit Nutrition Bars

A few weeks ago I was contacted via email by a representative of PureFit Nutrition Bars to try their product.  Of course, I said!  I received a package with 5 bars, all different flavors.

A little about PureFit bars from their site:
PureFit was established in July 2000 with the express purpose of educating individuals about how to achieve optimum health and fitness through nutrition and exercise. Concerned with current trends in nutritional supplements that contain highly processed or even harmful ingredients, founder Robb Dorf insists on all-natural ingredients. PureFit bars are high-protein; they do not melt; they contain no wheat or gluten; they are non-dairy; they are Kosher-certified; they contain no sugar alcohols or artificial sweeteners; they have no hydrogenated oils and no trans-fatty acids.
PureFit bars were developed as 40-30-30 bars, consistent with weight-loss regimens like The Zone. Because PureFit bars do not contain wheat or gluten, they can be enjoyed by sufferers of celiac sprue disease. PureFit has proudly supported dozens of regional celiac support groups. PureFit has been named "Nutrition Bar of the Year" by Bike Magazine.

I will say that prior to being contacted, I had never heard of these, and never noticed them in the store(s), but then again I never notice anything that remotely resembles a PowerBar.  I loathe PowerBars and/or most bars for that matter.  I have tried a few but typically stay away from them because they are usually very dense, small and packed with calories.  If I am going to eat 300-450 calories it will be in the form of actual food.

When I got these in the post, I looked first at the packaging and immediately thought, ugh...PowerBars.  I looked at the back, noticed the nutrition and the calorie count etc., and thought OK, I will give them a go.  It was probably a week before I actually tried one.

Boy oh boy!  I love these things!  No where near what those yukky PowerBars are (at least to me!).  The taste is great, the texture is awesome and not like what I remember PBs to be which almost seemed to be waxy and difficult to chew.

I havent actually eaten a whole one at one time, but snacked on one throughout the day when I felt the desire to eat 'something'.  I usually break off half, eat that, then piece off the other half through the remainder of the day.  Most times I am not really hungry, just the act of eating is what I want, so just taking a small bite satisfies me and I'm good to go for another hour or so :O)

The chocolate brownie one actually TASTES like a brownie, or as close as one can get I suppose, so I really like that about that particular one.  I only have one left, the Berry Almond Crunch because I bet that is the one I am going to like the most, so I have been saving it!  Oh wait, thats not true!  I have one in my purse for emergency hunger!!!  We all know that happens!!

Quite possibly the most complete and health conscious nutrition bar available on the market today.  Although not as sweet, tasty and delicious as a candy certainly was not meant to be - and still pulls off being a very enjoyable bar to support a serious fitness/nutrition program.

I too have just usually resorted to a Lara Bar every now and then for a pick me up or before a long run, as until now I didn't know of any other bars out there that were quite as natural; still might not be as natural as Lara Bars, but I dont have one to compare side by side.

All I know is that I loved these, and if I see them in the stores, I would definitely pick up a few, to keep at home, in my desk and also always one in my purse.

Thanks PureFit Nutrition for giving me the opportunity to try these!

**this opinion for PureFit Nutrition Bars was my own and I was not compensated for the review.  I always give a honest opinion and these vendors know that when I try something, I might not like it! 

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Pony and Petey said...

I love these bars and have eaten them for quite awhile!! I love that they fill me up and have a pretty good protein vs. calorie ratio.

They keep me "filled up" too and they're small enough that I can eat one before running and it doesn't sit heavy on my stomach.

I've never had the brownie one...not a big chocolate fan... but I love the berry one the most and the almond one is 2nd... peanut butter is 3rd.

I get mine from the HEB at Bunker Hill = )