Monday, January 9, 2012

Marathon Week at a Glance

Well its finally here...and I am feeling pretty darn good!

I have full range of motion with my back, and the numbness in my foot (directly related to my back issue) seems to be OK.  My PF flared up a bit yesterday on my left heel, but I am not concerned about that in the least.

Even after the 10 mile run, a hard workout yesterday at the gym (1 hour: back, biceps and triceps) AND 15 min ab's...AND working 2 days at the L (standing for 12 hours), all is well.

This week as far as running goes, well its light for obvious reasons.  Here is the running schedule:
  • Monday - 5 miles (with some mile repeats in there: nothing too fast thankfully)
  • Tuesday - Off
  • Wednesday - 4 miles
  • Thursday - 3 miles
  • Friday - 3 miles
  • Saturday - Off
  • Sunday - Marathon!
Gym workouts will be:
  • Monday - Chest and shoulders, ab's
  • Tuesday - Ab's (will do at home)
  • Wednesday - Back, bicep's and triceps, ab's
  • Thursday - Ab's (will do at home)
  • Friday - Ab's (will do at home), light weights which I will also do at home with the equipment I have: 15lb, 10lb, 5lb and I also have a 20lb weighted bar
  • Saturday - Ab's (will do at home)
  • Sunday - obviously nothing but running  :O)
Other items on the agenda:
  • Two separate dinners pre-marathon; the last one being on Friday night with the KW group (so excited for this one); Coach will be talking and its always fun to hang out.
  • Saturday of course is the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials; busy busy morning!  up at 4am to be at my first stop at 5am to load up the vehicle before heading downtown
  • I have my friend MK coming in to town to stay with me as she is also running Houston; EXCITED to see her!
  • Then on Sunday, after the marathon, there is the Texans game!!!!  And then 2 marathon after parties to hit up!
Thank goodness I have Friday through Tuesday off!  I'm gonna need those 2 days after marathon to rest up from what is a very, very busy week indeed!!!!!!!!!

I am working on a marathon week food post, along with 2 separate product reviews.  I received a pair of Reebok running shoes for review and also some nutrition bars from another company!  Lot's to catch up! 

The blog will be busy with a lot of great and interesting posts in the next few weeks!

Marathon Trials, Marathon and product reviews!  Oh my!


Xaarlin said...

You have an awesome week and I can't wait to hear about the trials and your marathon! I'm really happy and excited for all your plans this week :)

monicac2 said...

I am running Houston too. I'm encouraged by your rebound from your injuries; I am battling a very sore achilles and praying that I can finish the race (note that I said "finish," because, like you, there's no way I'm not going to not start!!).

Let's hope we both have a great race! (Love your blog, by the way!).

Junie B said...

Thanks Monica!!! Heres to a great race indeed and I hope the Achilles lightens up!

The key to rebounding from injuries I have found personally is to lighten up, be smart and do what you can to help the healing:

lots of sleep, GOOD food and positive thinking.

Too many times I see some people just try and run through whatever due to their ego and what-not...dumb :O)

Please promise to come back and let me know how you did or just email me using the link on the right!!!!

TX Runner Mom said...

Happy to read that you're feeling better! That's awesome! I know you're gonna have a great race and be home in time to see kick-off!

Mel said...

im excited about this weekend too. And even more excited to get this week OVER with