Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Chevron Houston Marathon (Aramco Half Marathon) Expo

I had made plans to meet up with a few peeps at the Expo on Friday, most importantly CG as we both wanted to a) hang out which we never get to do and b) see and hear Joan Benoit Samuelson speak.
We both secretly were hoping to get to actually meet her.

To our surprise Bill Rodgers showed up with her and was also on stage talking and taking questions from the crowd.   Thankfully we got there just early enough to snag 2 seats as there weren't a lot anyway.

Prior to CG getting there, I picked up race packets for myself and a friend, met up with S and R and we walked around a bit, running into a million people I knew...

I have to say that I love the expo that CHM has every year.  This year I noticed a few new vendors, one being 26.2 Apparel who I have heard good things about and I ended up getting 2 cute shirts (using Christmas gift cards!).  I have been wearing one of them today and it is SO soft!  Definitely these 2 shirts will become some of my favorites!  Can definitely wear as casual or at the gym.  I wouldn't run in it (although a short run probably wouldnt gag me too much), but will save it from the excessive sweat!

I also got a cute charm necklace that has 26.2 on one side and Running On Faith engraved on the other side (thank goodness for gift cards again!)  I haven't taken it off since I bought it and even ran the marathon in it...a few times I reached up to make sure it was still there during the marathon and the Running On Faith message made me think of my Momma...

The one 'blech' that I have is that UA is the CHM sponsor of their gear and I don't like UA.  I still ended up buying one long sleeve shirt (never have before) mostly because the Finisher shirts are short sleeve and I am not a big fan of them and a 40th anniversary coffee mug (I have the 35th one from my first marathon and I wanted the 40th signifying the start and finish of my marathoning days :)... its a MUCH bigger mug!  I also got one other thing, but that will have to wait until it makes its appearance here on the blog :)  Best thing is I still have $$ left on gift cards!

There were a lot of vendors that actually gave product and not just samples so I loved that as well.  I didn't spend as much time there last year, but this year I was there for FOUR hours!  And it went by so quickly!!

Of all the marathon expo's I have ever been to, Houston is #1 (year after year) and Chicago is #2...

A few photos...

Finish line ahead!  I loved all the flags as the Olympic Trials were the next day, so there were a lot more flags than I remember from years past, if at all.

Taken from inside the GRB as I was going up the escalator

I really liked this hanging Nike swoosh!

Brought tears to my eyes!  Low!  Low!  Low!

Loved these guys!  Had a chocolate fountain, and were giving out samples of Ghiradelli squares as well as little pretzel sticks with a huge marshmallow dipped in chocolate!

New sticker...

Bill and Joan on stage answering questions from the crowd and handing out advice.  Bill is NOT sleeping.  :)  I actually took a few photos, but they came out as looking awkward.

Hate this picture of me but Joan and CG are in it, so I love it  :)  wtf hair???

My marathon bib signed by Joan Benoit Samuelson!!!!

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Lisa said...

I've had a "marathon ho" long sleeve winter tech shirt for several years. :-)
You're going to have to come on over to Nashville sometime & run in our heat & humidity. You'll always have a free place to stay!