Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why So Serious???

Why.  So.  Serious?

I recently had an Anonymous comment on one of my blog posts and while I don't really like Anonymous comments there isn't much I can do about it since I know some people don't have gmail/google logins therefore they need the ability to just type in a name when commenting.  And then that opens the door for Anonymous folks.

It has never been my experience that when someone posts as Anonymous that its ever anything really nice to say.  And I completely understand that not everyone has to say something nice; there is cause for opinion, disagreement etc.  I totally get that.  I am guilty of doing it myself a time or two back in the day ;o)


Here is what Anonymous wrote (partial):  "Good luck for Chicago but I don't think are gonna make your goal of 4:30 in Chicago. You might try but I have serious doubts and so should you."

Lets start off with the obvious here:  I don't know that I ever said my goal was 4:30, although I see where one would make that assumption given my Yasso 800's.  I don't know, maybe somewhere along the way I did.  Of course, I would love to do sub 4:30, 4:29:59 thank you would do nicely.  Actually 4:19:xx would be better, but I have already stated on several occasions that I am nowhere near the shape I was a year ago when that would have been possible, nor have I trained like I have in previous years.

Next lets tackle the "serious doubts" portion of the above sentence:

I don't have serious concerns or doubts about a goal time for a marathon.  Or for a half marathon.  Or a 5K.  If I was an elite runner, or someone whose family's well being and survival was contingent on how fast I ran a marathon in, then I might have serious concerns.  I am running a marathon with 45,000 other people to which I might finish in the top 50% if I am lucky and the weather is great (i.e. cold)

What I do have serious concerns and doubts about are: Is my mom with my dad in heaven and are they happy?  or... how I am going to make it through the holidays now that my mom has passed away....  or... the fact that my family doesn't seem to be 'put together' anymore...
Those are just a couple of my serious concerns.  Not all, but a couple...

Then Anonymous continued with:  "You are just not training enough for that kind of time."

Well now you might have part of this right and I vaguely remember saying this very thing a week or so ago in my blog and most recently as earlier this week in an email to another runner who asked what my 'goal' was.

I know and have admitted that I have opted for additional cross training this go round, and I did so for a few reasons...One being that I truly just love the hot yoga and it actually made me stronger.  I also did not want to train much on the treadmill and the outside running/training this Summer was just a heartbreaker and so I improvised and did what I had to do to make it work.

I also knew that this wasn't the only marathon I had coming up and I didnt want to burn myself out like I did last year for Chicago training and then balked on the additional marathons afterwards because I was just freaking tired of running all the time.

I have every intention of going through with Dallas and Houston, and (starting last week), and going forward it will be strictly running to do my best at each.  So I made the decision to do what I thought was best for me for Chicago and that meant what it meant.

Lastly I don't know how you come up with that presumption, but training is training and doesn't always have to come in the form of running.  I am pretty confident that I am fully capable of 4:30 given the conditions that are ideal to me and for me.

If they arent then I will adjust my race day plan, go easy and save it for Dallas White Rock.  And if White Rock sucks, then I will go easy there and save it for Houston...

My point is that really there hasn't ever been a 'goal' for Chicago.  Its always has been about me honoring my mom who passed away in March. 

The people at work paid my entry fee on behalf of her passing and that is what has kept me going all Summer long when I wanted to quit, because my momma didn't raise no quitter.

Lastly  Anonymous wrote:  "But, I hope you seriously make 4:30 in Chicago..."

Gee.  Thanks.


Jamoosh said...

There are multiple ways to leave a comment on Blogger. Anyone who has to hide behind an "Anonymous" comment is a loser.

Tara @ said...

OMG, what an idiot!

But anonymous comments mean you are the real deal!! right? right? I'm still waiting for mine.

Lesley @ said...

So many things wrong with that comment. Good job pointing them out. I will enjoy watching you prove anonymous wrong as you honor your mom.

e.kinnear said...

Hi! I clicked over from Running off the Reese's and I just wanted to wish you luck in Chicago. You know, not "I seriously hope you make 4:30" luck, but honest to goodness "hope you do well and have a good race no matter what the clock says" luck. I'm so jealous seeing all you CM runners ... my husband ran it for 10 years in a row and this is the first year we're not going. I just love that marathon!

TX Runner Mom said...

What an asshat. I think it's awesome that you are doing this race to honor your Mom!

monicac2 said...

You tell 'em, JB!

I'm sure you'll be just fine in Chicago!!

Long Time Reader and Fan said...

I wonder if this person knows you and is just afraid to tell you that? Either way I think its ridiculous to leave a half assed comment like that anonymously. I read your blog all the time and know that you have had a very stressful year, and you trained and trained in conditions most humans wouldn't. I would think as long as you cross that line, you AND YOUR MOM will basically consider you the winner.

Junie B said...

Heres my thought: actually its SkinnyRunners thought: If someone can’t man up and put their real name/blog name and email, that pretty much negates their entire comment in my book and I don’t even bother responding.

However, in this case I felt like I needed to put this out there because this person CLEARLY does not know me or they never would have wrote what they wrote. And furthermore I can't understand why on EARTH they have serious concerns FOR ME? I mean really. Why? Are there odds in Vegas on this and you have your life savings riding on it? If not, then don't be concerned with how well I do or dont do in Chicago.

Val said...

Well stated June. ;)


Xaarlin said...

Who says stuf like that?! Someone who is probably jealous of you? Jeeze.

It is so cool you are running this race to honor your mom. :)

2 more weeks! Yay!!

skinnyrunner said...

ill hunt anonymous down and punch them in the throat for you. rock chicago and then rub in anonymous' face. mature, sure.

Pony and Petey said...

Ok, this is really funny...I think = )

I've been following your blog consistently for several years...especially interested in your training and what workouts you're doing and your paces and how things are going.

I remember just the other day thinking "she's gonna NAIL that sub-4:30 and get a whopping new PR!!" hahahahahahaha

It's funny to me how two people can have exact opposite reactions to the information you've posted = ))

For the record, I think you've trained perfectly for a sub-4:30 or less and if conditions are favorable on that day, you'll get it. Who's to say what will or will not happen? I truly believe you ARE trained for it.

Whether you get it or not depends on all the same stuff that the rest of us depend on when we line up at the start line.

I have a vivid memory of being on PR pace at mile 9 in the marathon and feeling fine then puking my guts out between miles 10-12. What happened??? I still don't know!!

Anyhow, one thing I do know is that you'll have fun, learn some new stuff and then share it with us when you get back = )

You know I'm cheering for ya!!

From know, Pony-girl, Pony Express, sister of John, sister-in-law to Faithy...yeah, that one! SOOOO not anonymous! And for the record, see how easy it is to sign your name even if you sign in as anonymous???

Neeraj Rohilla said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Junie B said...

Dear Anonymous, I mean Neeraj, thanks for the follow up comment. And the subsequent deletion of said comment.

Gaslight ;-) said...

What a douche. Ugh.
You're going to have a great tome up there with your buddy.

I didn't realize until the other day that your catalyst runner-friends had bailed on you-how annoying, and I'm impressed you kept on truckin'.

K said...

Mean people suck.
I'm with Christy, and my new favorite word...asshat.

I can't remember ever sitting around mulling in my mind someone else's race or goal. Especially to the negative.

If a friend sets a goal that I might think could leave them with an injury, I would kindly say something to them, like, "I know you've run a 5K and did well, but I really wish you'd give yourself a bit more time and a few more races before you register for that 100 miler!"

In the end, it's your goal. Your journey, for your reasons. I dedicate every race to my mom. I know how much this means to you.

And to your "anonymous" friend who is no longer anonymous, I will pray that everyone who knows you will find it in their hearts to forgive you for being such an asshat. Maybe you are having a bad day.

Anonymous said...

I for one am someone who, in my experience knowing you, has found that you're one of the few people this applies to: Whatever you set out to do, you do.

You've always entered a race with a "if things go well, here's what I'll run. If things DON'T go well, here's my plan and what I hope to do." You understand that (1) things happen that you can't control, and (2) that a good or bad race is not the end-all, be-all in life.

You're reasons for running in Chi-town are awesome. The mindset you're carrying into the race are more than admirable. And your perseverance through what you've gone through is inspirational. Keep doing what you do, and your reward will come, whether it be through running or in other areas in life.

Rock on in Chicago, JB!