Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happiness Is....................

  1. One week from today I will be in Chicago for the marathon!!  So happy we booked early flights so that we arrive by 10am!
  2. I get to meet some crazy peeps including this person at breakfast on Saturday in Chicago.  Wondering if Xaarlin is interested in joining?!?!?!
  3. Where we will gorge on pancakes at this neat-o place!  Which thankfully is only a mile from our hotel.
  4. I am excited to actually get the chance to see this and this, since I didn't last year.  In Marilyns defense she wasn't there last year.
  5. I am excited to run along Lake Shore Drive with my dear friend Tracey.  We plan to run a short 2-3 miles on Friday morning.  Last year I didnt run any in the days leading up to the marathon.  I wanted to, I just never planned it, so it didnt happen.
Hoping it looks like this:

aaaaaaaaaand not like this (blizzard of early 2011):

6.  Dinner reservations here with the girls on Friday.  Love this place!  Ate there twice while in Chicago last year.
7.  Looking forward the Chocolate Cake Shake here after the marathon!  I ate here the day after the marathon last year and it was to die for hot dogs!!!  I didn't have the Chocolate Cake Shake last year, but I have been told I must have one!
8.  Need I say more?  Certain Tracey and I will be here at some point on Thursday as soon as we can dump our bags off at the hotel!


Lisa said...

We LOVED the Bean!

Xaarlin said...

My phone is being silly. Who is the crazy peep you are meeting for breakfast?

Sounds fun! I will do my best to join you :)

Expo on Friday?? I think we'll be there mid morning.

Junie B said...

Cely from Running off the Reeses. She is high-sterical!

Yes expo on Friday fo sho. We are waiting until girl #3 arrives and I think she gets in mid-day on Friday, so it might be mid afternoon before we get there. :O(

Maureen said...

The Original Pancake house is the BEST, and my absolute favorite breakfast place (trust me, I'm a local :) ) Have fun in my wonderful city, and maybe I'll run into you at the race :)

JunieB said...

its very possible Maureen! by wednesday i should have some idea of what i will be wearing on race day and since we run sorta in the same neighborhood marathon pace wise you never know!

i can tell you that i will be at the very front of the open corral just like i was last year!