Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - 20 Miles

If I could find a picture that had Rock Your Face Off, I totally would post it here.  :)

The alarm didn't even have the opportunity to go off this morning.  I was wide awake at 3:15 (I had one set for 3:30, the other for 3:45).  I got up and checked things out (bad cramps had started late yesterday afternoon), but we were good.  I had minor cramping when I woke up so I took some ibuprofen just to be on the safe side.

Honestly if I would have felt completely safe this morning, I would have been at base and ready to go at 4.  But I took my time getting ready and rolled up at 4:09.  I couldnt believe there were already 4 girls there and 2 more showed up as I was taking off.  I dont have the Garmin plugged in right now, so I dont know exactly what time I started but I am guessing it was about 4:20.

Temp: 79 degrees
Feels like: 79 degrees
Humidity:  I didnt even look because honestly I was so excited to see that the actual and the feels like was one and the same that I didnt even give a damn.  :)
At Mile 16 Coach told me the temp was 77/feels like of 77

There was a decent wind out (thanks TS Lee!), and it felt downright awesome.  After about a mile I had my groove and I couldnt even believe that by the time I finished 9 miles I was barely sweating and my shoes/socks were completely dry.  No need to switch out!  I had run up on CD when I was approaching base so she got some water, I took a gel and we headed out.

I was so happy about todays route.  It is definitely one of my favorites.  I dont care for the end of it as its that side of Memorial that I hate so much, but since they had it all torn up, we went down the AP side.  I was happy because by this time I was at mile 16 and the thought of running along there and that uphill on it, was not high on my list of things to do today.

I had a few GI issues today, having to make 3 stops to 'go', but thats not unusual when its TOM.

I started slowing a bit after that last water stop at Sabine but thats because I had to go so badly and I finally found a 'safe' place to go and I was back on track.

Honestly I am quite in shock at how well today went.  10-12 deg cooler, low humidity and a nice breeze will do wonders.  Once I got back to base I still needed 1.5 miles so I finished it out there around base and at the end of it?  Well I should have kept going and got that extra mile, but whatevs.  I was feeling at the top of my game and couldnt believe that I was still feeling as great as I was.

The whole run was just downright awesome.

Two weeks ago, my 19 miles turned into almost a death march.  There was so much walking in those last 6 or so miles it was just awful.  Today I finished 20 with more in the tank and I did 20 miles 11 minutes faster than I did 19.  I didnt feel like death and I also couldnt quit smiling.  It was just that good of a day where everything clicked and my head was totally in the game.  With each mile that I clicked off feeling just as strong as the last, my confidence grew and grew.

Overall pace was right at 10:40.  I am putting a W in the running column.  I only took 2 gels, minimal Gatorade (mostly water) and I think I only took 4 salt tabs.  Whats even weirder?  My shoes and socks were still dry at the end.  I definitely sweated out quite a bit, but clothes were nowhere near what they have been all summer, but I was covered in salt at the end.

So one more to go...22 miles in 2 weeks and I can only hope for a day with just as good of weather, if not better.  Next Saturday its an easy peasy 13 mile jaunt on the schedule.

How did your run go today!  Time to brag!!!


Xaarlin said...

Congrats on a fantastic run!! Mine didn't go as well. Planned for 20 but bailed at 15, felt weak and dehydrated- which is strange because I drank more than I usually do.... Still a good 15 miles.

Bert said...

Great run! Same experience here this morning with 20 @ 9:20 which was a whole minute faster than two weeks ago which was the absolute low point of the training cycle. You are reaping the benefits of consistency, good attendance and dedication! Way to go!!