Friday, September 30, 2011

Pre-Marathon Dreams

This was what I dreamed about last night

I suspect this is because as of right now, the forecast in Chicago on marathon day calls for a chance of rain.  That and because we actually had storms last night here in H Town.  I dreamed I was running and there were tornados ALL around me.
Do they even have tornados in Illinois?

Then I have had this dream a couple of times.

Every morning I have to go down the stairs where I live and then again when I get to work in the parking garage.  I am thinking I should wear flats from now through Wednesday.  I am beyond over cautious when going up and down stairs right now.

Do you ever have pre-marathon crazy ass dreams?  Normally for me they just revolve around running in general.  This time around though its just cuckoo stuff.  Whats the weirdest pre-marathon dream you can remember having?


Theresa @ActiveEggplant said...

Before my first triathlon I had a dream that dinosaurs were chasing me - and jellyfish. Oh, and instead of wearing a swimcap and goggles I had on an old-school scuba helmet thingy like Jacques Cousteau would wear. Most random dream ever!

Lisa said...

I've nixed any kind of skinny heel for the last 2 months. :-)
If it rains, body glide yourself big time....put it on the toes or put vaseline on those tootsies.