Thursday, September 15, 2011

Scaredy Cat!

It's been one week today that I moved into my new place which is just 5 miles North of where my old place was. 

Its a better area I guess you could say but any area can be bad.  Bad people just come into the good areas, do their badness and then leave.  You can't judge an area by the houses and cars alone and I know this.

Where I moved is ideal for runners and bikers.  The bike path and running paths abound and go for miles and miles.  The only time I have run on these paths is when the KW route takes us along them and by the time we ever got to that stage in the route its been daylight or at least daybreaking. 

On two separate occasions since moving I have laid my things out to get up and run a few miles at 5am just like I would do at the old place, and both times I have just chickened out.  I don't know why, because honestly the other place was more creepy in sections than here.  I don't know if its the lack of businesses, houses and traffic or what, but it just seems more desolate.  There are more areas where there is nothing, not a house or anything ESPECIALLY if you do run ON the bike path itself, but I don't think I could do that even if I wanted to.  I am just talking about running the sidewalks.

I know that a while back I wrote about safety on the run and I think its important to go with your gut.  I also know that its just going to take me a time or two of actually getting out there and running the routes I have mapped out to get some semblance of comfortable.

So bottom line is that I didnt run this morning so I will just run farther tonight :O).  I was going to do yoga this week and then pack it in until after Chicago, but I have decided to take this additional week and just focus on running.  I will return to hot yoga after I get back.  I still cannot freaking believe that Chicago Marathon is 23 days away!  Ack!

For the next couple of weeks I will just run, run and run some more.  I'll do home yoga for 15 min or so (now that I really have the space for it!) to keep the muscles stretched out a bit and not all tight and compact.

I mapped out a solid 6 mile route which I will do this evening, easy to add on to now that I know how far the bike path goes! So tonight will actually be the first night I go out exploring.  Maybe once I get out there, get my wits about me, landmarks and such, I will start to feel more comfortable about running in the wee hours while others are still dreaming in their beds.

If you ever need a great site to map out routes, this is the one I use:  Running Map

Have you ever moved and found it difficult to run in a new area due to uncomfortableness of your new surroundings?  Do you run in the wee hours alone ever?  How many days until your big race?!?!?!?


Xaarlin said...

Eeek! 23 days!?!wow time is flying!

I am scared to run on the path. I was somehow fine back in February and march running long distances on it in near complete desolation. It was too cold for the cyclists and tourists. I'd only see a few other die hard runners out there getting frostbite with me. Fast forward a few months, and started following a few breaking news Chicago twitter accounts, and I've read of at least 2 attacks on the trail in the past few months. One was a lady runner at 2pm on a Friday (I don't think many people were out then) and another was a guy on his bike that got beaten and robbed by a gang of teens at 9:30pm about a mile south of where I was on the trail at the time. (I was with a running group). So now I do about 90% training on the treadmill and actually enjoy it. You are smart to trust your gut, but at the same time I wonder if we are just paranoid? I think I am :)
I won't run in the am outside. I rarely run in the pm outside because of it being too busy.

And a response to your controversial post a few days ago- I wish all people took training seriously, but in life there is always a majority who want everything now, without work. The average finish time of races is getting slower. Maybe because more people see finishing a marathon as being more accessible. (or other distance) I'm happy people are getting off their arses and exercising, but hope they put effort into their training whether it be 5 minute pace or 15. I remember when running wasn't so "cool", I wonder what the thought about running was then back 10 years ago. I would be inspired to read an advert about hard work and wouldn't take it personally if I was slower than the rest. Instead it would light a fire under me to do my best- whatever that is. I don't accept mediocrity. I am thirsty for more. Always.

Sorry this has gotten quite long!

Jamoosh said...

I was running around in Boston several years back in the early morning and found myself in a sketchy area. I turned around very quickly, thanks to my gut.

Junie B said...

Xaarlin: I dont accept mediocrity.

BOO.YAH. girlfriend!