Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Go Speed Racer!

As a filler for a post today, I figured I would post the 'speed' workout from last night.
I actually am supposed to do speed workouts on Wednesdays, but given the day I had yesterday (still SO busy at work!), and a little frustrating incident with another human being, I decided to get the workout done a day early!
The bad thing was that it was hot as hell outside and I needed to do 800's and I didnt want to have to find a high school I went down to the work gym and asked them if I could use the treadmill for just one day (I had cancelled my membership since I get a free one to Houston Gym now, but haven't gone by there to take care of that)...They said I could use it and I was elated!

Typically 3 weeks out from my marathons, my schedules call for Yasso 800's x 10.
Well I knew ahead of time that my ADD really just doesn't allow for the monotony of that so I improvised.
Here is what my workout actually ended up looking like:

  • 1 mile warm up
  • 2 x 800m at 9:00 pace (1 min rec in between)
  • 3 min easy jog
  • 2 x 800m at 9:00 pace (1 min rec in between)
  • 10 min easy jog
  • 4 min Tabata session at 8:29pace
  • 5 min easy jog
  • 2 x 800m at 9:00 pace (1 imn rec in between)
  • 3 min easy jog
  • 4 min Tabata session at 7:59 pace
  • 5 min cool down
Sometimes you just gotta improvise!  I was a sweaty sweaty sweaty mess, but the workout did just the trick!  Made me not think about work, made me visualize Chicago and also reminded me that my legs are doing pretty darn ok!!

I haven't take a full on rest day since last Friday, so I was thinking of doing that today.  But I also kinda feel like I want to run.  We'll see how I feel around 6pm tonight.

Sorry for the boring post, but I figured I would jot something down while scarfing down this wonderful lunch of chicken and vegetables...I'm pretending its a hamburger with avocado and a side of fries....

What did you have for lunch today????


Xaarlin said...

I did a speed workout last night too! I just wanted to see if I could still run fast. And I banged out 3 quick miles with 4 extra miles of slower running. And no pain! Yay!!

I got to go to a fancy steakhouse for lunch with the accountants and auditors. I had a shrimp salad because I don't eat beef very much. :/

17 days!!!!

Tara @ said...

I had to look up what a tabata session was...

Impressive speed work!! I need to get back in the saddle and do mine... bad runner Tara