Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Truth Shall Set You Free - The Road to Strong Mental Health

I learned this morning that a book that has been in the works has been finished.
I am not going to reveal who wrote the book (her 3rd) until after its edited, published and available for sale.  Some of you that may read her blog may have seen this picture and know of who I am speaking of, but if you don't you will still have to wait a bit longer.

Yours truly, JunieB, will be a short story in this book.  Without giving too much away (the title for example), its a book of course focusing on healthy living, healthy habits and overcoming obstacles on the path to those things.

I told my story, in more words than she probably would have liked, and yes I was edited, but sometimes I write like I speak, so I wrote it as if I was talking directly to her.  I knew that I needed to keep a lot of the details out because the whole book isn't about me, I am just a very small piece in it along with a lot of others.  After a few back and forth edits, I signed off on the small section that is about me.

I told the story (very briefly) of my past transgressions and secrets that for most have never ever known about me.  Again it is a Cliff notes version, but even just telling the small details that I did include I think will not only startle and surprise some people (if anyone I know actually reads it), but it finally feels good to know that I don't have to keep it in any longer.

Its not that I am ashamed of some of these things, but its just generally something people don't just tell.  At least I wasn't going to.  As it stands right now, the writer of this book and 3 other people know the deepest darkest secret that I have kept my entire life.  Well there is 1 other person that I told in the middle of a fit in the car once, but I am certain he forgot about that a long time ago. 

As I said I am not ashamed of my past, but rather I know that I am who I am because of it..whether that is bad or good, I don't know.

I will post whenever the book and its title whenever it is released.


I will be a bit MIA over the next few days as I am in the process of moving!  YAY!  I have been ready for this move for weeks but I had to wait until the other tenants moved out and I finally got my keys today!
Additionally I have opted to forego internet and DVR at my new place.  I am hoping that this is something I can live with :O)  

The main reason for this is because quite honestly I think the internet and DVR are a time suck in my life.  My laptop is connected to the internet every second I am at home for the most part.  I have gone a day or so without it, but it stares at me and I feel this pull to check email, Facebook, Twitter etc.  Who needs to read a live feed of mindless drivel for hours before turning in at night and the first thing when I get up?  Not me.  If I need to check any of those things I can use my phone.

For internet access to write or for research, that will require a trip to Starbucks, Whole Foods or somewhere else where I can sit outside possibly, amongst human beings and have interaction with others instead of holed up in a room.

As far as the DVR, if I miss something, I miss something.  I can watch whatever it is that I feel I must on the internet on my lunch hour at work.  :O)

Gonna be like a whole new world!  And I am excited about it!  One more way to rid my head of all the blah blah blah that is just unnecessary.

Have you ever thought of unplugging in such a way?  Do you think technology plays too big a part in peoples lives?  I am still old fashioned in that I like to actually talk on the phone instead of this texting bullshit and I will typically call someone who texts me unless its to say "on my way!" or something simple.  And why do people have actual back and forth conversations on Facebook?  Does everyone really need to see your what I would think might be best handled by text or by phone? 

I also have really come to love the Hide button on Facebook.  I forget people are actual friends on my list after a while until I manually have to go to their page to check in.  And I am also really liking that I can choose who sees which status updates.  Not everyone needs to know everything!

Do you use Facebook?  Do you have people on there that you have hidden or hide things from because they are just too 'interested'?

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K said...

Good luck on the move! And yes... I yearn to be disconnected and "off the grid" so to speak, with regards to social media. I don't do twitter. But FB, and texting and email as well as regular phone calls are consuming way too much of my time. I want to dump FB, but it seems to cut down the phone calls and emails I get. Also, I keep up with two of my kiddos this way, one in Corpus and one in Austria. If it weren't for them, I'd be gone.
I hate tv. I could live the rest of my life without it. My husband doesn't feel the same way, so it stays.
But I don't watch very much of it.
I miss the old days...I hate feeling like I have to be careful when and what I post on fb because I might hurt someones feelings by not responding to a post or something...yet, I hear "I saw you were on FB!" really? This is what you do with your time???
Anyway... I do hide a lot on fb. I am ready to quit it all. Just waiting for the right time.