Thursday, September 29, 2011

Full On Taper Tantrum Mode

I am grumpy.

I am hungry.

I want to run more.

I want to eat more.

But I can't eat more because I can't run more and I don't/can't have any weight gain.

I stalk the damn weather in Chicago.  It changes 2 times a day more or less.  This means I can't be my normal self and pack a week in advance.

Oh and to top it all off, I am also PMS'ing which makes all of the above that much more awesome right? 

I swear I want to rip someones head off.  And by someone, I mean just one person in particular even though they certainly don't deserve me even thinking once let alone twice about them...

I am sick of chicken.
I am sick of vegetables.
I am sick of raw spinach leaves.
I am sick of boiled eggs.
I am sick of grits.

Oh and I am SO SO SO SO SO SO sick of heat and humidity.  I swear I live somewhere where its as hot as the insides of 20 million suns.

What are you sick of?


Xaarlin said...

Im sick of spaghetti.
Im sick of chicken
I'm sick of my precious dog barking at 2am (in his defense he hasn't the last 2 nights)
I'm sick of being in limbo (aka taper)
Im sick of the waiting. (wanna get this race done and start training for the next thing)
Im sick of obsessing about race day weather.
I'm sick of all the new random aches and pains I'm noticing.
I'm especially sick of wondering if My long runs (longest 15 miles) will get me to a sub 4. Although I'll be happy to finish injury free.

Ooh. That was nice to get out of my system :)

Lisa said...

Ditto to the list but I'm not quite to taper mode yet until after Oct 15th. Sigh...