Friday, September 16, 2011

Weekend Motivation

So its come down to tomorrow.  Six weeks ago there were times I thought time was just going to stand still and that September 17th would never get here.
The brutal Summer stole my spirit a time or two.  Made me feel less than a person capable of doing another marathon.  Made me think on more than one occasion that I could just quit for Chicago, and then regroup for Dallas White Rock and Houston.  I never even really wanted to do Chicago again, but I let myself be talked into it an hour before it sold out.  And yes there were times when those people backed out (within a month) that I felt bitter.  But then now, going with one of my best friends, that makes it all ok. 

I am not sure how to explain it but I never let myself get off easily.  I had many a heart to heart with myself, mostly about how I had come this far already...that I had been here before (not quite but this Summer has been the worse yet, and there are statistics to back me up)...and that if I just persevered then I would possibly reap the benefits.
Walking out onto my porch first thing this morning as I do every morning (even before brushing my teeth), I felt a bit of weather that felt somewhat like what we had 2 weeks ago and a big smile came over my face.

While on and after my run last night, which about killed me, I was already thinking if I felt like this now, there is no way I was going to survive Saturday.  Then this morning Mother Nature gave me a bit of hope.  I am nowhere near in the shape I was before Chicago 2010 and I have to be OK with that.  I didn't run as much during this training session, opting for hot yoga 2 days a week most weeks and only running 3-4 days a week.

Running 20-22 miles in 70 deg weather is going to be so much nicer than running a measly 6 miles in 94deg weather with the sun beating down on you which is what I was faced with yesterday afternoon (another post on running in my new hood to come).

So as I said, it all comes down to tomorrow.
Wake up is at 3am.  Lift off is 4am.
Good thing about that is that it'll be cooler at 7am than when I actually start running at 4am.
I always love that.

What's on your agenda this weekend????


Jamoosh said...

My agenda? Hope for a decent long run to prove my calf is OK and perhaps wave at you on Blossom!

TX Runner Mom said...

My 18-miler is on the agenda this weekend...ACK! Thank the baby Jesus for the slightly cooler temps this morning! Can't believe you are so close to Chicago...think of me in 2 weeks when you're tapering and I am running my 20. :-)

Tara @ said...

We're only doing 10. I feel like more for some reason. Of course, I bet next weekend we'll hit 18 and I'll be cranky about it. Getting excited for you for Chicago!!