Monday, September 19, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - The LAST Long Run

You know Mother Nature truly just had to nail that final nail in my coffin this past Saturday.  Thank goodness for the lovely weather 2 weeks ago on my 20 miler because the past 2 weeks have just been miserable.

And this one couldn't have come at a worse time.

Friday morning was just so lovely I had high hopes for a similar outcome just a measly 24 hours later.

Twas not the case.

When my alarm went off at 3am, I actually had a bit of a stutter and didn't want to get up.  But get up I did.  Reluctantly.

I started chowing on my Brown Sugar Pop Tarts (my go to fuel before really long runs and marathons)...and looked at my app on my phone.

86% humidity

When I walked outside on the porch it felt much worse.

And I said out loud:  Shit.

Well it wasn't ideal but I would adjust my strategy for the day and be done with it.

Thankfully I had had an offer from one of my friends to meet me at 4am (and she isnt even training for anything!) so I was ecstastic about that!  When I arrived at JH base I was SHOCKED to see 2 other folks already there.  Both of which I knew, so that was fun to see.  C ended up running part of her early morning miles with CH and I, but SM started ahead of us but I could see him up until he turned on Crestwood.

CH and I took off roughly at 4am as planned and headed towards the park.  We were running about a 10:40 pace and that was cool with me.  I had wanted to adjust my plan for the day to 7/1's based on the conditions but didn't have the heart to ask her to do that.  So the first 8 miles went as a straight on run only stopping for water twice.  I had my handheld that I dropped off on Crestwood that was waiting for us on the 2 mile trek back to base where I was supposed to meet with CD at 5:30 since she had 15 to do and wanted me along to keep her on track.

By the time I got back to base I was soaked clean through just like August, but opted to not change the shoes/socks out. 

I should have.  But looking back on it at least only 1 pair was full of sweat and covered in mud/dirt as opposed to 2 pair.  A route that includes Memorial and Rice will make mud pies from your shoes when soaked in sweat.

CH and I take off and I began the 7/1's for the next 14 miles.  To be honest I dont have the exact mileage due to resetting the Garmin and switching to intervals after 8 miles, but I can tell you I was out there for a total of 4.5 hours (which included all water stops, potty stop (1) and a couple of extended walk breaks, traffic and what-not) and to me thats the equivelent of 22 training miles but was probably closer to 21 if I added it all up.  With the route only being 10 miles this week, there was a lot of creativity to tack on mileage before and after.

I know not how I survived as well as I did.  It was WAY better than some of the 17-19 milers in August where there was more walking in the later miles than running, but nowhere as good as the awesome 20 miler 2 weeks ago in great weather.  I have to trust that given the conditions it was sufficient and that I will indeed reap the benefits on race day.

There were SO MANY MORE people than normal and there were issues with enough fluids but Kenyan Way does such a great job with that!  So lucky to have them.  Once they start to run low, someone is off to replenish.  I know every stop was just crammed with people this past week.

I had 3 gels, but basically the entire run I was starving.  This was new to me because I have never experienced full on hunger on a long run before.  I am REALLY watching what I eat, knowing full well that my hunger is just in overdrive, but I dont necessarily have to satisfy it to the point of weight gain.  Not going to make the same mistake I made last year thats for sure.  Once I got home I had a big bowl of homemade spaghetti which was unbelievably awesome if I may say so myself!  I had made it Thursday night, so by Saturday morning the leftovers were that goodness that only comes from those foods that are so much better 1-2 days afterwards.

I did a short ice bath afterwards, tried to sleep...couldn't.  Not even with a 'pill' to help.  I rested as much as I could; watched a movie on HBO, then decided to get out of the house which was awesome because it was raining and we havent had rain in so so so so long I wanted to enjoy it.  No umbrella for this girl!!!

I stayed busy which I figure helped with the fatigue in my legs when I woke up Sunday morning. 

It was there for sure, especially in my quads, but I hopped on the bike and did a nice hilly 12 miler (was hoping for 20 but the rain came again and while it was fine for a bit, it got much worse and I needed to pack it in).

I had every intention of running this morning before work, but I was woken up with the thunder, lightning and pouring down rain!!!  Yay!  Thats the kind of rain we need!  So I didnt mind having to postpone until this evening.  8-9 more hours of rest for the legs can't hurt!

Probably wasn't the best idea to wear 5" stilettos today.  : o /

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Jamoosh said...

I figured I would see you on Blossom. I took off from base at 5:15 for four miles. You got the run in and that's what matters. Countdown to race day begins!