Friday, March 18, 2011

One Day at a Time...One Day at a Time

Thursday 3/17/2011 - Turned off the alarm somehow and went back to sleep so no before work run (yes I went back to work today); 90 min hot yoga
Friday 3/18/2011 - No Run (long run tomorrow; 13 miles)

The hot yoga session I had yesterday did WONDERS for me.  Not only was I able to (almost) completely zone out mentally, but the the extreme sweat session I had and the physicality of it all just ... well it just helped.

While I have been keeping up with my running, I hadn't been to hot yoga in 2 weeks.  I havent missed that much since I started back in October.  I think I went a week once.

In addition to all of that it allowed me to have my first night of blissful sleep.  I remember only once having a dream and that was after the alarm had gone off and I had dozed back off.  There was nothing that I recall occuring in the night as I know I never woke up.

And now for the really exciting part!  Something I have been working on/towards for a few weeks now and while I had indeed managed to 'get into' a toe stand position a couple of times now, I had not managed to 'get out' of it without falling over!!!

For those that do not know what a 'toe stand' is, here are a couple of photos:

Side view
Notice the girl in the middle who is not quite yet into the pose; this shows the beginning of actually getting into toe stand.  Then you pretty much do the same thing to come out of it (which is much harder by the way!).  I am not yet able to take my hands from the floor into prayer (look at the girl in the front row to the back of the picture; that would be me at this point; and also in the previous picture as well) :O)
The follow picture shows the beginning of the pose (also known as tree pose)

Then you start to bend forward, lifting up on your toe, letting your hands reach to the floor, while bending that knee into a 'sitting' position...Took me FOREVER to be able to do it.  Requires mucho flexibility and as a runner, that isn't always a gift. 
I almost peed myself yesterday when I was actually able to get back up, as I said, without falling over onto the floor!

And now for something that I found to make me smile today....


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Charlotte said...

Since my Experiment this month is yoga, of course I had to try this toe stand immediately! I held it for 5 breath cycles before tipping over (couldn't get my leg unhooked in time to not eat it! Graceful, I know...) Not bad for my first time though!