Monday, March 21, 2011

Everyone Needs a little Rob Base in their Workout...It Takes Two to Make Things Go Right...

H.I.I.T. Workout (treadmill)
20 min warm up run

2:00min at 9:00pace
1 min at 5mph
x 5

2 min at 9:30pace
1 min at 5mph
x 5

(total:  55 min)


20sec at 8.5mph (7:27pace)
10 sec off
x 8 (total 4 minutes)

Today I did something different.  There is never really anyone on the treadmills, so in honor of Rob Base (It Takes Two), I loaded up on two different treadmills (side by side).  I had one set at the faster pace, the other at the slower pace and hopped off and on between the two instead of resetting the speed each time.  Worked out great!  Thanks to the song for coming on at just the right time to give me the idea (not that I hadnt thought of it before, just never acted on it).  Obviously once I was done with HIIT and before starting Tabata (which I only needed the one treadmill for), I stopped the 2nd treadmill from its rotation.

There was one lady on a treadmill 2 over from me and I am pretty sure she thought I had lost my mind :)

Once I was done treadmill hopping, I went to work on the weights, but only ended up doing about 40 minutes.

Felt really good to get a good, hard and sweaty workout in!

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Anonymous said...

Too funny re: "treadmill hopping"- that would be a great video! :-)