Monday, March 21, 2011

Kenyan Way Long Run - 12 miles

Eh, I was going to do 13, but it ended up being 12. 

At least this 12 miler was better than the last 2 in the previous weeks.  Wasn't great, but better.  I am hoping that this week, with me and life getting back to some sense of normalcy both mentally and physically, I can at least not embarrass myself too badly at my upcoming half marathon on Sunday.

While I have not been able to train really at anything other than going the distance, and with the much warmer temps, it surely will not be my best finishing time, but I plan to have a good time with friends who are also doing this race.

As I said mentally each day I seem to be better (even though the first thing I remembered this morning was that it was a week ago today that we buried Momma), and I should be able to really get some normal rest and sleep this week as well. 

I actually ended up working at Lukes both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend, which is great for the pocketbook, but hard on a girl otherwise.  I was dead to the world Saturday evening and ended up with a lot of sleep which was great since Sunday not only did I work, but spent the evening into the late hours at a baseball tournament and then just staying up late in general; thank goodness I did get all that sleep on Saturday night!  I actually don't feel that tired today on such little sleep last night!

Going to take it easy this week workout wise, a bit of running, some gym time (tonight) and only 1 night of hot yoga.  Hopefully all of that will help with an OK finish time at Angies on Sunday!  Heck at this point, I just want to finish in an upright position!!!

I am looking forward to a non-working weekend!!!!


TX Runner Mom said...

You got those 12 miles done and sometimes that just has to be enough. Have a great time at Angies!

Anonymous said...

We're gonna be fine, we're gonna be fine. That's what I keep telling myself.

My run Saturday made me feel a little more confident, but my stretching and foam rolling yesterday has me worried again