Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just the Facts

Monday 3/7/2011 - 12 mile run.  Wasn't pretty but it got done.
Tuesday 3/8/2011 - opted out of hot yoga and got the call from sister while in the car home so I wouldnt have gone anyway
Wednesday 3/9/2011 - 3.5 mile run under the cover of darkness
Thursday 3/10/2011 - 5+ mile run under the cover of darkness
Friday 3/11/2011 -No run
Saturday 3/12/2011 - 11 miles.  Bailed out of the Bayou City Classic 10K (not that I even ever had the chance to sign up) and ran with Kenyan Way instead.  Was very tough.  Very little sleep and very little food since Thursday.   There was some walking and some crying.  Wow.  I just  noticed that I ran 12 miles just 4 days ago.  That might have contributed some to my legs feeling like they just had no get up and go as well.
Sunday 3/13/2011 - 3 miles
Monday 3/14/2011 - No run
Tuesday 3/15/2011 - 6 miles

We had my mom's service yesterday.  It was perfect and beautiful.
I have a lot to write about; non-running stuff...more like some 'life' stuff, but I am just not ready to sit down and write a lot just yet.
Thank you for you sentiments and comments of sympathy.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of my momma and my daddy; one that we used during the service on the picture collaboration.


Anonymous said...

you've been on my mind alot lately. I'm glad the service was nice.

Junie B said...

i cant wait to see you in 2 weekends!