Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Take Me Out To The Ball Dog Park....

If there is ONE thing that I have just been hoping and hoping for upon returning to TX is when I could GET A DOGGIE!  It hasn't happened yet, but I hope to figure out something soon...I SO want a dog to run with, not to mention the fun times we could have either at the dog park there where I live or the numerous dog parks in and around the Houston area!

So because of my inane desire to get a doggie, I tend to follow and like a LOT of doggie sites and pages on Facebook.

And one of them just happens to be DogVacay!  You have to like their page!  The cuteness overload kills me every day!!!

So when they reached out to me to do a fun little blog post about doggies and their humans exercise I thought sure! 

Granted its taken me a couple of weeks, but I've been extremely busy with work and life.

Something else that I liked was that it wasn't to be a post about JUST running; since at one point in time, this blog was ALLLLLLLLLL about the running, but obviously that is not the case anymore.

My activity is varied and I honestly love it!  When I looked at the image sent to me to use in the blog post, I was like "oh I know all of these moves!!!"   These are moves that I and just about everyone else knows how to do and you dont need fancy equipment to do either.  Just you, yourself...and maybe your furry companion who will watch you like you are crazy!  OR they will try and play with you completely sabotaging your form and concentration.

The movements (and one running item) can be done in any number of sets, OR you could just start out by doing one set of each of these, adding a set after a week or so; the adjustment period as I call it whenever starting new things.  I can tell you if you don't do squats, then 4 sets of 15 squats is gonna make you a little ouchy in a day or two...so work up!

And then of course there is always some nice relaxing yoga to end the session!  Heck I do those sometimes just to relax after a run whether its outside or inside on the treadmill.  It JUST FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELS GOOOOOOOD...

Plus I know whenever I do these in mi casa and my little Nugget kitty is around, he is just all up in my face and in my way...its him showing love to his Momma and I bet a doggie would be the same way.  Maybe even sprawl out with you especially if you just came in from outside!

So take a cue from the furry wonderful loving playful doggies, whether its your own, or a friends or your neighbor and just have some fun getting fit!!!

One note though...I think I would make sure if you are in the dog park doing any of these, check the ground for dog doo-doo!  hee hee.

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