Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day

So I think the last time I mentioned anything about running, I may have briefly mentioned that I was dealing with a flare up of plantar, mostly on the right. At first it was both feet, the ENTIRE foot and it was excruciating. After a couple of days of rolling it on frozen water bottle, some ibuprofen etc., it was much better and I was only dealing with the heel of the right foot still for the most part.
It was hit or miss as to the level of pain, but it has since subsided completely especially after this past weekend. I basically did what I mentioned above, and made sure I wore actual SHOES 99.9% of the time: no flip flops, no sandals (both of which I blame for the onset to begin with), and no going barefoot except obviously first thing in the morning in the house.
This past weekend, I went and did 7 miles with Kenyan Way Saturday morning with no pain really; thanks in part I am sure to the ibuprofen I took before turning in the night before...Then right after the run, I changed clothes and did a 11 mile bike ride. Another 13 miles on the bike Sunday morning and I haven't felt a thing since. I honestly think all the cycling helped as it definitely helps stretch things out in the calf area which also can be a source of plantar issues.
Knock on wood.
I think mixing up workouts has also helped a number of things, not just my plantar. Basically I am running only about 18 miles a week right now, sometimes 20. But I am also in the gym twice a week with weights and elliptical. Swimming 2 days a week, sometimes just 1 and then the biking. 
Its actually awesome to not be focused on run, run, run which I have found does me absolutely no favors in a lot of ways. Mostly it doesn't do my body much good and only just tends to make me squishy, gain fat/lose muscle and generally 'look' out of shape. I know it doesn't make any sense to a lot of people, but its the truth. It doesn't affect everyone like that, but my body makeup is what it is, and there are a LOT of others out there just like me. Factor in my age and well..its just compounded.
Which is exactly why I do believe that in fact my full marathon days are over. I just cannot for the life of me come up with any reason to do one again. Seriously it does NOTHING for me physically that is a positive, only negative. Plus all that time spent training? Then I would have to give up all the other things I enjoy doing. You know, I had pondered whether or not I would start training for the full, and lets face it there is still time for me to change my mind since I basically have a while and won't switch my entry from full to half until the time when my Saturday mileage exceeds 14 miles (which I will still do for half training) but I am pretty darn sure its gonna be the half in January in Houston and not the full.
Since not only being home, but also having so many options for activity, the many options have allowed my body to FINALLY drop the weight (or begin dropping it). I haven't weighed on a scale, but well you don't need one. That number means NOTHING for anyone. It seriously does not. Unless I see someone post a number of at least 10 lbs less at some point, then I don't think anything of it.. A lb or 2 here or there and fluctuation of the same 5 lbs means congratulations, you're a woman. So why people track their weight every day or even every week is just weird to me.
At some point I know I will get on a scale, to see if I make it back to pre-NE but its not my focus. Thats what I mean by what I typed above. Unless I feel certain I am going to see a 7-10 lb weight loss, then it means nothing. What I am enjoying right now is an injury free body, and a healthy approach to getting back to my feel good place.
One thing I am needing to focus on is REST DAYS. I am not doing too well in that department, generally only taking Friday completely off, but I know that there are times when I NEED that 2nd day and I find it hard to take it. Only because I am still in my OMG I AM HOME AND ITS WARM AND I CAN DO THINGS OUTSIDE ALL THE TIME phase...It is SO hard to just stay in the house!! I want to be outside doing something all the damn time.
Take yesterday for example: I woke up and man my WHOLE body was sore. And I was tired. Not sleepy, but tired. I knew my body needed a break and even after spending almost 1.5 hours after work at the store with C and B, feet killing me in heels thank you very much girls!!! Still when I got home at almost 7pm, I put on my swimsuit and headed to the pool for some laps; both swimming and running. At least it was what could be categorized as 'active recovery' but still part of me wanted to just change into my PJ's and watch AGT.
I can remember back when I started running, the why, the struggles, the cluelessness. All of it. I've learned a LOT since training for my first 5K. My first half marathon. My first marathon. I have mostly learned about me. Who I am. But more importantly who I am NOT. 
Which is kinda freakin' cool.
It is in fact National Running Day and yes like so many others I will be putting in a few this evening after work. Its gonna be hot and miserable.
Just the way I like it now.

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