Monday, June 9, 2014

Bring The Heat!!!!

Well I knew it was only a matter of time before I was sucked into the I'm going to die vortex that is SE/Gulf Coast Texas in the summer.
Saturdays 7 miles sucked the life right out of me.  But even while I was D.Y.I.N.G. I actually started laughing out loud because it seriously was just so darn ridiculous but at the same time, euphoric.
I decided to do something different this past Saturday in that I just REALLY didn't want to wake up at 4:30 and rush to get to KW in time to make the run with the group.  Especially when I have so many awesome places to run around where I live now.  I mean not only is it a 30 min drive, but then I pay $5 (which by the way is TOTALLY worth it especially in the summer for the cold beverages and sometimes ice towels every couple of miles).
However I had a VERY busy weekend planned and the last thing I wanted to do was waste not only valuable energy, but valuable time going to and from.
But the mistake I made was getting to TH and not starting the run until 6:45.  It was fine for most of it, especially the first 6 miles because the majority of TH is shaded.  It was after I came out of TH and headed into GRB (NO SHADE AT ALL AT THAT PART) that I was really feeling it.  Not that I wasnt feeling it before but at least the shade helped.
I really need to start at 6.  OR if its going to be cloudy then yeah 6:45 or 7 is completely fine I would think.
So I think for a while I will go back and forth on where I run.  A friend pointed out that maybe just wait until my mileage is at 10 or so before driving in for a supported run.  Good point and excellent idea Susan!
At the point where you go from TH to GBP (basically at Hwy 6), there is the loop of course around GBP (11.36 miles), but right there is a HUGE STEEP hill plus these stairs that you can take to the top which is actually where the water line for the bayou is.  So because I was just OVER running and I was getting beat down by the sun at that point, I did that stupid hill a couple of times and did some stairs as well.  Both of which claimed my soul.
But at the end of the day, I got the 7 miles in and I was a hot mess.  Literally.
Note: I had taken my 20oz water (frozen) into TH with me and hid it about 1.5 miles in because I was not familiar with where all the water fountains were. While I would have been OK, I am glad I had it when I was on my way back because dang that COLD water was DELICIOUS!!!
Anyway...Thankfully there is a SBux RIGHT there about a block away and I hit it up for my Venti iced coffee (free cause of my Sbux rewards and had a free birthday drink on my app to use!)
But the best part was only having to drive approximately 12 minutes back to mi casa.
And just like the old days, my running shoes had to dry out on the porch along with my clothes.  What a freaking stinking mess!  Between the sweat (and I am a HORRIBLY STINKY sweat person AND the Off! to ward off the mosquitos through the woods; I went off to trail a few times as well exploring), it was just disgusting.  No way was I gonna let it air out and dry inside!  Blech!
The one thing I was sad about was as I was finishing, one of the girls from my new work (who had approached me about running when she saw my RW calendar), was finishing up too.  She had emailed me the night before late, thinking I might have a company issued phone with email, but I dont so I didnt know they were starting 6 at 6 from the exact spot I was.  Oh wellz.  Next time!
I have a post I will be doing on the KW vs Katy running club options later this week I think...When I was out running I was weighing pros and cons of each, and also the pros and cons of just going rogue the majority of the time.  I want to type out my thoughts on it; maybe it will help me make a decision one way or the other what I want to do come August.
Oh and Happy Birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I got new Lulu of course :O)  LOVE LOVE LOVE this new reverse type tank they just released!  And of course the new colors!  (Bruised Berry)
Note: The colors actually match perfectly in the 2 pieces even though because of the pics I was thinking they wouldnt be; one looks to be a deeper pigment than the other.  The actual color is more like the top than what the shorts appear to be)
Seamlessly Covered Tank

Speed Short - 4 way stretch

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saroy said...

It stinks that Houston is so big. I used to drive all over the city going to various events but I just don't feel like spending all that time anymore when I could just run from my house instead.

I haven't done a formal training plan in a long time though...and sometimes I admit group runs would be nice!