Thursday, June 26, 2014

Still On The Fence

Before I started running in 2005 I guess it was, I was always a gym rat.  One of my fav stories to tell sometimes is how I, for YEARS scoffed at runners and running and for that matter, cardio in general.

I NEVER did cardio.  And I was small, muscle-y and fit.  I had a tendancy to become developed and cut quite easily when I set my mind to it.  I obviously had periods of time where going to the gym wasn't exactly priority.

I started the running and cardio at the suggestion of a friend when I was struggling so badly with the onset of the weight gain, pre diagnosis.

By the time I was diagnosed I actually enjoyed running so I kept at it and along with the meds, the running helped me get my weight back under control.

It was in late 2009/2010 when I made a drastic change not only to my eating habits but also to my activity routine.  I started going back to the gym (we had one onsite at the AIG campus and once again, I saw a HUGE return on my effort, getting into quite possibly the best shape of my life.

I then moved into a new community where I had free access to a GREAT gym over in the Heights, so I cancelled the work gym thing..and kept at it.  Also dabbling in CrossFit etc.

Then after moving to Nebraska, a lot of things I was going through early on, fitness took a back seat.  Then Winter happened...etc.  I did join the gym there (community center) but with my increasing lack of interest of being there, generally unhappy and feeling so secluded, with only the gym sometimes to do, well you can only spend so much time in a gym.  I could have done more, but honestly I was depressed and just didn't have the desire to do more than 'just enough'.

The last couple of months in NE I had started doing a lot of weight lifting etc., and it was working well...then came the I am leaving Nebraska forever thing and all the time spent on that..

So here I am 2 years older, and about 10 lbs heavier.  It could be a combination of menopause, slowing metabolism and the overall lack of intensity, and/or that I think I am eating less than I am.

I just recently started REALLY watching everything...trying to up the intensity, scale back on mindless eating etc and get back to that mindset of late 2009/early 2010.  Yes I am older now, and that comes with its own set of challenges that are hard to counteract...but I know I should be doing all I can.

And JUST running quite frankly...does absolutely NOTHING for an aging body for the majority of us.  I learned that the last training cycle in 2013 while training for Chicago marathon.

So less running, more weights.  And just MORE balance in all forms of activity.  It truly makes me the best person inside and out...

So in my new place, we do have a really nice gym however it lacks in free weight kind of equipment which is the most effective IMHO.  I am making do with what they have, but its not enough for me.

So I have been going back and forth on joining the massive, wonderful, full amenities out the wazoo gym about 1/2 mile away, but the cost (at least initially) was making me question it.

Now I keep getting emails with the price always way lower..and its tempting, only now being about $6 more a month than what I was paying in NE for MUCH MUCH less.

I know I would be much happier if I had the I know I am eventually going to cave...but I still just get one leg over the fence and no follow through!

Now that I have written this all out...I really need to just do it!!

One thing I love about writing...I generally solve a lot of my issues by just putting pen to paper (so to speak).

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