Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The End (officially but not really) of Summer

Well now that I am back in the great State of Texas, and the SE part of it I  might add, I don't really have to worry about Winter.  At least real Winter.
Thanks be to God and all that is holy!
I've managed to stay somewhat positive about all this darn heat we are having right now, and honestly, for my first Summer back it hasnt been bad. I mean I certainly have seen worse in previous Summers.
And yeah, while it got hot in NE, it was always short lived and you know what?  I will endure this heat day after day after day just knowing that come October thru April or May, I don't have to shovel one snowflake and probably never put on more than a tshirt under a hoodie!
No more 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants and sometimes up to 4 layers on top!  I cannot even believe that was ever my life!
OK, so for the last week of what they officially call Summer here is how it all went down:

LORD HAVE MERCY IT WAS HOT TODAY...the last thing I wanted to do after getting home was having to get in my car again to drive to the gym AND deal with the madhouse that is Mondays at any gym.  Well not all the gyms thankfully!  I walked my little happy ass up to the gym where I live (which is really nice by the way but does nothing for my longtime focus; too easy to just walk home) and got to work on the treadmill.  The red carpet stuff for the Emmys was on E! so I ran along to that until my hour was up and walked back home.  With something so interesting (to me anyway.  FASHION!) the hour went by quickly and I felt better for not having taken my rest day too early in the week.

Rest day

I am extremely busy at work these days, and this rest day could not have come at a better time.  By the time I left work I was just a mess.  In addition to that, I am having some 'hormonal' issues, it was a low carb day...all things that just exacerbated my insides and outsides. 

Worn.  Out.

Here are some pics that made me smile though...

Silly Nugget.  He was feeling bad yesterday so I am glad hes better today.  He has a wonky eye and sometimes its extremely light sensitive and he walks around with one eye closed.  So yesterday morning it was completely shut and I freaked out but when I turned the light off, he opened it again, so I felt better.  By last night he didnt seem to be light sensitive at all.  I made sure to keep all the blinds closed while I was at work to keep it as dark in there as possible for him. 
My sister sent me this of my lil Tucker-butt watching the Texans Saturday night.  Yep, he's definitely related to me!  :O)

3 miles
Legs workout (the usual, but I did add in some sumo dead lifts as well this round.  I cannot do stiff leg dead lifts anymore due to my lower back/disc issue. Also no ab work today with legs like I usually do)
Man its a rough rough rough week energy wise.  I am so thankful for the upcoming 4 day weekend!

3 miles
1 mile rower (8:46)  FASTEST time yet and I thought I was gonna puke.  We have a little non talked about competition going on between C, B and myself.  C is WAY out in front (how can she row that fast!??!), but I am now ahead of B.  I think shes gonna try and beat my time today though based on her text back to me.

I smoked my shoulders last night.  They are sore, sore, sore this morning!


My scheduled 11 miles got screwed up today.  Ugh.  While I am thankful for my little training group out here in Katy, I am not especially diggin' that my schedule just doesnt seem to jive with anyone elses.  Heres just an example:

So my coach had me running 11 miles today in prep for my end of October half.  There is a half group that is training for the SAME race and they were running 6.  Wait, whut?

Anyway, whatever.  So since my entire group was doing track this week, mostly mile repeats, I was the only one running long.  Suck. (Oh and I get the email yesterday that Sorry, June, but you are the only one with track this week again).  Whatever.

Leo agreed to meet me at 4:30 to do 4.75 mile route and then I was gonna tag onto another group running 6 starting at 5:30.

Long story short, I only got 3 miles in before getting back to base to start with the 2nd group.  Sure I could have run 2 miles afterwards by myself but upon learning that they were WAY behind me in mileage, I said eff it.  I will run 11 on my next long mileage Saturday.

So yeah, 9 miles instead of 11.  Bah.

After the half in October I might switch groups.  I'm not necessarily diggin' the vibe so much with this one.

And because I am off Monday and Tuesday from work, we will just extend this week out:

Pool time!!! The fam came over and even though it was overcast we got lucky the rain never happened.  It made it nice without being burnt to a crisp by the sun beating down!

Sitting up Auntie June!!!  Of course I made sure I was holding on to him (barely) just in case...

5 hours at the pool means I had PLENTY of time to get in a LOT of laps of both swimming and pool running in between spending time with Tucker of course!  We played around a lot so it was definitely a very active recovery kind of day.  I had actually planned to go to the gym after everyone left if I felt like I hadn't gotten in enough for the day.  I made SURE I did so that once they did leave I could be veggin out, watching Dexter. 

3 miles treadmill
Back, biceps and triceps

15 min steam
10 min sauna

2 miles treadmill
1 mile elliptical (hard effort)
1/2 mile stair stepper (not the mill)

Then hit the weights for legs, legs, booty, booty!
I've really upped my game on these muscles groups; adding reps and weight
I pay for it later, but its GREAT for me as first off its the larger of the muscle groups we have and working them to the max reaps great rewards metabolically.

After I was done, I hit the step mill again waiting for my b's to finish up so we could hit the steam and sauna

10 min steam
10 min sauna



Switched up rest days this week since I was off yesterday and had all the time in the world to go.  Also I wanted my rest day to be the day before DietBet weigh in. 

A person will ALWAYS weigh more the day after especially during lifting heavy due to the muscles being filled with more water.  I know the blood flow increases as well to the muscles but I dont think that makes a difference to the scale only to how 'big' they seem afterwards.  In addition glycogen stores will also cause an increase on the scale.

And on that note, I am not expecting to see a drastic difference because of all the lifting I have been doing.  I definitely have lost, but its prob more body composition rather than actual pounds.  I would know by clothes fit if I was back down to 122 or lower.  I certainly fit back into clothes that were uncomfortable thats for sure.  I am back wearing my booty shorts, my smaller size Lulu speeds etc.  However I tried on a dress yesterday that still doesnt quite fit like it use to.  I wore that dress often when I first moved to Nebraska.  Another month and I hope to be in it again, fitting like its supposed to!

HAD to have this muscle tee for the gym!  Found it at VS when I was out shopping Monday afternoon at First Colony.

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