Monday, September 15, 2014

Do You Remember? That Night in September...

Sometimes we get a bit of cool weather from time to time in September and it came along just in time for the weekend!  Glorious!
As I noted, that Texan/Washington game/tailgating thing...whew I was WIPED out from the time I got up, and all day at work, where I pretty much kept to myself.  I am thankful this week is relatively quiet on the work front, and NO MEETINGS today was perfect!
While I should have lifted today, I didn't want to fight the yahoos at the gym (Monday).  Its always a nightmare and since I missed yesterday, but nope, I planned out my attack with a list on my phone (better than writing it on my arm which is what I ususally do).  I rarely take my phone in to the gym with me, but today I did, since I knew I was going to be focusing on just a few things and not moving around the gym having to put it down everywhere.
Here's the 411
I call this one: Cardio Sweat Blast
3 miles
400m row
400m run
x 3 
25 burpees
100 sit ups (weighted)
400m run
400m row
17 min - Stairmill (these really need to be used as torture devices)
10min steam
10min sauna

As much as I needed to lift heavy things, I knew that a strong cardio session/metabolic boosting type of day would do wonders for me.   Physically and emotionally (I'm wired tight when my body/mind is out of whack)

I'll get back to lifting tomorrow!!  No rest day this week until Friday even though Sunday wasn't a true active recovery day. Tiring and active yes, buuuuuut ....

Feeling a bit more like myself today.  Probably one more day of low carb and all this dang puffiness will be gone.  Sunday just doesn't make sense to me.  Anyway...
No rest day today as usual.  While I certainly don't count Sunday as resting, still I didn't get to the gym. 

.50 warmup on the elliptical
Just over an hour on weights:  back, HEAVY on the biceps, and triceps.  Actually now that I think about it, heavy on the back as well.

1 mile on the Precor Climb (easier than stair mill, but harder than elliptical); about 15 min.  Nice, slow and steady to just to continue burn calories/fat after lifting.

10min steam
10min sauna

I think I am becoming addicted to the chill time in there after workouts.  Hey when you can raise your heart rate like that without exercise?  Sign me up.

What I don't understand is the people who EXERCISE in there?  2 days ago, a guy brought in resistance band to do movements and yesterday some lady was doing step ups.  WTF?  I am dying just sitting there.  I don't think thats really safe to be honest but whateve.


I almost took a rest day.  Instead I thought 'eh, I will walk up to the apt gym and just do active recovery'.  Spend some time on the elliptical catching up on the news of the day.  Then since its leg day, I could do some leg work even though not at the big gym, there is enough equipment to get in lunges, squats, step ups etc...What ended up happening was I got in the groove and managed to come up with some extra moves easily done with minimal equipment. 

2 miles elliptical

Then started on legs.  AND I took gym selfies for the first time because why not in an empty gym???  I would never in a million years do that in 24HF, but in my apartment gym?  Sure.  Why not?  :)

All I have to say is THANK GOD I got out of Nebraska.  My body is coming back!!

Ended the session with a 1 mile sprint on the treadmill.

It felt JUST like running after a bike in a triathlon!  Legs were DEAD!  Only thing that tells me is that my 'active recovery' session ended up being way more than that!  Good on you Junie!!!

MUST. WORK. LEGS. TWICE. A. WEEK.  My top half just doesn't match my bottom half!

So I get home, and decide that my ass and my legs hurt too much to do anything!  Seriously.  I put on my shorts and baggy T and took a spot on the couch...then like 45 min later, I do that thing I do where I say, just go and start and if it sucks too bad, leave.

Well it did suck, but I finished anyway.  Well finish as in I did 3 miles.  THEN I called it a day.  Home in time to catch Biggest Loser!  LOVE that show.  But I miss Jillian. 

By the way, the amount of pain in my legs and ass is insane.  Gawd.

11 miles

I really really wanted it to be storming when I woke up for long run Saturday!  After the weeks emails from the run coach I just didn't feel much like meeting up, but while the pavement was wet when I woke up it wasn't raining.  Let alone storming.  Checked the radar and nope, the rain had just passed through and didnt look like any more was coming for a while.

I just wanted the excuse to go back to sleep and then go run at the gym.  In hindsight, 11 miles on a treadmill again after so long would have been torture for me.

Of course about 2 miles into my 11 miler it did start raining and pretty much rained on us the remainder of the way.  However we could also feel the temps dropping as we ran along and coach later said it was about a degree every 30 minutes or so.

Nothing much to write about other than I did my 11 miles when I wanted to stop at 9.  Thanks to the cooler weather, the group was running a faster pace than normal (around 11:30ish per mile average), so I was certainly happy about that as well.  The run overall seemed to go by quickly.  I stayed back from the pack mostly (about 20m or so just because I was feeling more unsociable than usual), and just listened to my music (thankfully I tucked a baggie into my zippered shorts pocket just in case).

What sucked tho was due to running that far in wet shorts, I had chafing on one inside thigh that I wasnt pleased about.  Should have worn by booty shorts since there wouldnt have been movement.  Next time I will remember.

Overall I am glad I went, glad I was able to go faster thanks to the group, glad that I did 11 instead of quitting at 9 (we had SAG every few miles so it would have been easy for me to, but I didnt), and glad that I am another long run closer to my half.  I am ready for this cycle to be over, over, over.


Back at the gym since the Texans had an away game!  LOVE my Sundays at the gym.  As much as I love going to the games, I will also be glad for away games :O)

1/2 mile warmup on the climber (whew my legs felt the previous days run)
Shoulders and chest; heavy on shoulders; a lot of sets of reps to failure

I am so trying to build up my shoulders, so I know I have to lift heavier and push the reps to failure to see gains (as of typing this here on Monday morning, I am in some serious soreness already, so by this afternoon its gonna be painful)

20 min on stairmill and I thought I was gonna die

10min steam
10min sauna

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