Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly Workout Roundup

Another day after a too full of carb loaded choices (Sunday) for cheat/reward meal.
I actually overslept this morning which NEVER happens.  And when I did wake up it was hard for me to get moving around; again with just feeling lethargic and foggy into mid morning.
I am definitely through with putting too much of a bad thing in my body from now on (this week it was my moms spaghetti recipe; DEFINITELY not healthy side and bread slathered with garlic spread). I had 2 helpings.  Maybe if I hadnt gone back for 2nds an hour later....Anyway if I didnt know/believe it before, the struggle is real when it comes to food and your mood.  Whoa. 
So after a day of no carbs today, LOTS of water, and lots and lots of healthy greens and lean proteins, I started feeling somewhat better.

Given that by the time I got off work, my shoulders were KILLING me (sore from yesterday), I figured while Back, Bi's and Tri's were next in the rotation, I would give my upper body a break and work legs instead.  Plus I can work legs in the apartment gym and not have to go to 24HF and fight the Monday night fight that happens every single week.  I will have to figure out some plan of attack come the first 6 weeks of 2015 because everyone knows about the 'resolutioners'.  Gah.

OK, enough babble, on to the workout.  Simple really.

2 miles easy TM
1 mile elliptical
1 mile sprint

No selfie today as even my apt gym was packed with people.  Ugh.

Rest day

3 miles treadmill
Back, biceps and triceps
50 weighted lunges (totally random but I figure if I do these even on non-leg days it can only help, not hurt!)

I kinda sorta rushed through this; not quite finishing all the weight movements I generally do for B, B and T but I wanted to get home before 7 for a change.  When I dont get to the gym until almost 5:30 it makes for a later time getting home.  Hey at least I went when I really just wanted another rest day.

I think I'm tired or something.  Its been a rough week energy/motivation wise.

1 mile w/u elliptical

Shoulders which included:
Seated DB Press
Seated Lateral Raises
Face pulls
Behind the Neck Barbell Press
Bent Over Laterals
Low cable side laterals

2 miles treadmill

Another day of low motivation but picked up once I actually got into the gym.  Actually can see a difference in just one weeks time.  2 weeks to DietBet weigh in.  I KNOW I am still not anywhere near my goal but next week I plan to start a 'cut' and that also means a LOT more cardio...with the drop in carbs a 'cut' calls for, I will be a cranky mcCrankerson :O)

I am still always proud of how even at 51, I can still kick it with the best of em ;o) And for my fellow hamcats who may be reading, we'll just call this my ML impersonation pose
9 days difference.  Hard to tell here I guess, but not to me since I have to live in and see this body every day.  Its weird how no progress, no progress and then one day BOOM you put on a pair of your jean shorts and they are SUPER baggy. 



Track Saturday once again!  My workout on the schedule was 10x800
Started out with a mile warmup as usual.
Then I did the same as my previous track workout where after each 800, I would take a SHORT break and then bust out the next one.  After each mile I would do a 400m walk before starting the next set.

I ended up with 7.25 miles overall.

I have one more track workout of 12x800.  I used to loathe track Saturday workouts but now I like them.  Doesn't hurt that I wasnt the only one out there this past weekend.  Seemed like quite a few people had similiar workouts scheduled.  Obviously I like them at this time because I actually feel like I am getting a good run/workout in PLUS the added benefit of upping my fat/calorie burn.

Instead of just a slow steady cardio as in a typical long run (or every run for some folks since they dont do tempos etc), I am actually pushing myself in speed and intervals.  The Galloway plan is to do 40/20 but now that I have increased my ability once again, I typically just either run through or I will slow down on the 20 before speeding up again.


Ah Sundays...I looooooooooove my Sundays at the gym.  But I also love my lazy Sunday morning routine at home as well.  With the football game on at noon, I needed to get to the gym early enough to get in a solid workout (2 hours was all I got in).

I will say up front that anything I did using my legs was DIFFICULT.  I apparently ran harder than I thought at the track yesterday.

1 mile - elliptical (suuuuuuuper slow; my legs were just DEAD)

Back, biceps and triceps (this is ALWAYS a long workout for me and even so I didnt get through everything I would like to each time these muscle groups pop up on my rotation)

21 min on the stairmill (plus addl 2 min cooldown)

10min steam
10min sauna


Changing it up this week:  There will be more cardio, fewer movements, less weight, but higher reps.

My food choices this week are also going to be a bit on the extreme side as I am looking to cut for more definition and less 'bulk'

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