Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sending My Body Into Food Shock

So as I have written before, I allow myself to have things I normally wouldn't have otherwise at least once a week, sometimes more, but not really. 

And generally speaking if I am seriously craving something, if after 24 hours, I still want it, I give it to my body.  Or I try a substitute.
Cravings can be real signals to your body, but you have to learn what is real and what is emotion.  i.e. bored, stress, sad etc.
So as I mentioned in my most recent blog post, I went to the Texans game yesterday and was prepared to indulge a bit of course.  And while I did do that (but not really if that makes any sense), I think I totally screwed up.
I don't know if the way I feel (and look) today is because of that or what, but yesterday, especially early in the day was just strange to me.
So, to start off with, it was HOT.  Like hotter than hot, hot, hot.  And the humidity?  The worst.  I don't know if being on all that concrete etc., made it worse but damn.  I seriously needed a change of clothes by the time we headed to go into the stadium (11:15), and it had only been 2 hours.  Thankfully I got a free Tshirt before the game (be one of the first 40K in the gate) so I had a dry shirt to put on.  For real people.  It was THAT bad.
In those 2 hours, and I am NOT kidding you, I drank 20oz of water on the way to the stadium, then I poured myself a can (12oz) of LeCroix water over ice, then I poured a bottle of water in, and then ANOTHER bottle of water.
I know I was losing a lot of water through perspiration but damn.  And I was not even having to go to the bathroom.  How was I THAT dehydrated?  I drank plenty of water on Saturday???  So bizarre.
Next culprit:  Drank a 20oz Diet Coke during the game.  Prob more than 20oz actually.  I don't know the size of those souvenir cups but it had my fav player on it (JJ) and I had to have it.  Which, of course, I left at my seat like an idiot.
Shortly after arriving to the tent, I had a little breakfast taco (super small): egg and I topped it with some potato and salsa.  Perfect.
Then around 11, I had a turkey burger (bleh, overcooked, not tasty AT ALL!) on wheat bun with tomato and onion.  Also had a cupcake.
I didn't eat the whole time inside the stadium even though I was hungry and really wanted french fries as my treat but I didnt want to miss any of the game.
By the time we got out to the lot afterwards (through rain), I was ravenous and grabbed a hot dog, no bun.  Then I wanted another one maybe 45 min later.  With bun this time, only mustard.  Had a couple of chips with guac.  Maybe 5.
More water.  Thankful for all the rain during the game, and what I will call a little 'front' because the temps had dropped almost 20 deg from when we went in.  I am not sure what I would have done otherwise.  I hadnt drank any water inside, so that probably would have been a recipe for further disaster!

When I got home, I just didnt feel like eating ANYTHING even though, in hindsight, I should have thrown together a salad.

When I was trying to think of what to eat, I was going over what I had eaten through out the day and realized I hadnt had ANY vegetables.  Sorry but the slice of tomato doesn't effing count.  Considering I eat an insane amount of vegetables on a daily basis and very limited processed anything, its no wonder I woke up like this this morning:

  • Puffy eyes (seriously so puffy, the left one was about 1/4 way closed I think) and STILL puffy now, 4 hours later.
  • Puffy face all around. Ridiculous.  I feel so awful!!!
  • Actually my whole body is ridiculously puffy truth be told (FAT fingers!!!), but my face...ugh
  • Achy joints
  • Extreme tiredness
  • The whites of my eyes seem discolored
  • General fatigue
  • Bad mood/attitude
Now I know some of this is due to dehydration which still I cannot understand with all the water I drank.  A lot of this is also due to an entire day of crap processed crappy crap.

I do NOT put that much into my body not even on my treat meal. 

I do NOT consider yesterday a successful reward/cheat/splurge.  I haven't done that much damage to my body in AGES.

Honestly, what I should have done was to have had my fries, missed whatever of the game I had to, and passed up the obviously horrible hot dogs, bun or no bun, or in this case, one of each.

I am at this moment trying to maniacally undo the damage.  I've had 2 20oz tumblers of water, my protein shake at 7am, 2 hard boiled eggs around 9, then I had a small mixed green salad with tomato around 10:30.

Yes I AM starving today thank you very much :O)

I am about to head down to the cafeteria to grab more greens/salad and a yogurt for later.

How DO people eat like that every day?  And lets face it, people do.

I sure hope my body is ready for the punishment at the gym after work.  I know it doesnt seem like much sense to make myself work that hard to sweat, but I HAVE to get these toxins out of my body.  Stat!!!

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