Thursday, September 4, 2014

DietBet - August

Womp womp
Didn't hit the DietBet goal of 121.9
Which as I have stated numerous times, I didn't expect to not with the amount of lifting I have been doing.

Ugh, I repositioned it, but its still sideways.  Whatever.
I am still happy with a loss, because while the lbs lost were not a lot, the change in body comp makes up for it.
So I will keep up the lifting, and with longer runs due in September, my cardio will go up a bit, which should help. 
If I was willing to JUST focus on that, I probably could make my goal (118) faster, but I am NOT willing to give up lifting and dropping body fat/building muscle.  Probably would also help if I maybe cut out the occasional pizza, ice cream and cake (or whatever else I choose as a reward meal once a week).  But that is not happening either!  

90% of the time I am diligent and watchful.  Although that pizza/cheesecake night was probably way overboard.  Whew, I felt like crap for 2 days afterwards.
So the goal for October 2 is now 121.5 which is 4% of todays weight.
Onward and upward downward!!!


kimber said...

Found you via a certain cat site and I've been reading for a while. Love your weekly breakdown of your workouts. Supah impressive, girlie! I feel sore on your behalf. Keep up the great work. You look fab! <3

June said...

Hey Kimber!!! Thanks fellow cat!! ;)