Monday, September 8, 2014

Finishing Out The Week

3 miles running
I really put the oomph into this session because I am TRYING to get my 'boulder shoulders'!  My shoulders hurt BAD last night just even an hour or two later so I think I was successful at pushing it.  I really should have done burpees and rowed as well since those two movements are great for shoulder work, but I was spent and I still had a few things I wanted to accomplish yet I wanted to get home in time for football!!!!!!
16 min on the stair mill.  Good gawd this contraption!!!  KILLS me every time.
I put it on calorie burner instead of fat burner, kept it at same level but added time.  First time I've ever been THAT person on it where I was dripping sweat onto the machine.  Ugh.
10 min steam
10 min sauna

Track day!
I kinda loathe track day, but then I do kinda like it because its generally just me and no one else and it gives me that solo run time that I do love so much.

I wasn't looking forward to my task:  8 x 800m though.
I had woken up around 3:15 with intense painful cramps (seriously body...I'm 51, when you gonna stop this nonsense??)

Anyway, when the alarm went off at 4:45, I stayed in bed until 5 because even though I wanted to start around 5:30, I knew that with the sun not breaking over the trees, I had until roughly 7am before my vampire self would need to retreat shortly thereafter.

I got to the track and started just before 6 which was perfect.

Did a 1 mile warmup (roughly 10:45) then started the repeats.

Again I didn't time them just ran them as steady, but as fast as I could with the knowledge I had quite a few to do.

As opposed to last time, taking a 400m recovery lap after each one, I didnt take a recovery lap until after each 2 sets (1 mile). It wasnt mile repeats because I would start the 2nd 800m a bit slower then build back up. 
I honestly didn't know how that was going to work out but man, I actually felt really good and strong out there this past weekend!

Yay for progress!!

All I really know is that 6 miles, with the recovery laps, and warm up, it was 1:03:37.  Oh and to mention that my 400m lap recovery is WALKING. 

Definitely good with that.  Yep, yep, yep.

I chose not to do a cool down mile, mostly because I knew 6 was good, and I had worked hard.  It was bruuuuutal out there, humidity so high, but eh, its SE Texas ya know?  :O)

I actually thought I might go to the gym in the evening to get a WOD in since I was going to have to miss Sunday...but that never happened :O)

Happy runner!  Happy to be done anyway!

Channeling Lolo?  :O)
I am also so happy that I can finally pull my hair back into the teeniest of ponytails again.  Growing my hair out long again is a paaaaaaaaaaainful process!  I should know, this must be like the 5th time I've gone through it!
Top: Lululemon (105f singlet)
Bra: Lululemon (Energy)
Shorts: Lululemon (Speed)

Up at 5:30 to get ready for game day, game day, game day!!!
I had to meet Eddie at 8:30 in town so we could ride on up to NRG for the Texans season/home opener!  If you know me IRL you know that I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE my Texans football!

And furthermore being home again and getting to actually SEE the games whether in person or on TV just makes me so giddy!  Oh Texans how I missed you!!!

It was a fun filled day, with plenty of active recovery going on, lots of walking, choosing to take the ramps instead of escalators.  SO MUCH JUMPING UP AND DOWN and dancing.  Texans you WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And you looked solid!

Even getting drenched with rain, melted cupcakes and everything else, still was just a great day and by the time I got home close to 6pm I was WIPED OUT.  No gym.  No siree.  I thought depending on how I felt and what time I got home, maybe.  But with a big Texans win, we stayed and tailgated afterwards too.  Even though it was still raining :O)   Covered tailgaiting ROCKS.

I feel like death warmed over today though.
Its definitely a low carb day and a very strenuous workout this evening.

I'm going to do a separate post on why I feel (and look) like I do today...What you put in your body so makes a difference.

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