Monday, August 25, 2014

How My Week Shaped Up

3 miles on the treadmill; felt really good so I pushed the pace a bit.  Plus I was just ready to hit the weights.

Weights: Back, biceps and triceps.  A good hour, but honestly I could have gone another 30min with all that one can truly do to work these muscle groups.  But I lifted heavier than I normally do plus I wanted to get home in time to watch Bear Grylls :)  Which turned out to be eh because Tom Arnold was boring to watch. 
REST!!!!  Gosh I love rest days!!
4 miles

Then same leg/ab workout as last week except I added reps to some and also weight to others; get stronger!!!

50 walking lunges (weighted)
Leg press
Weighted floor crunch
Squats (weighted)
Leg Extensions
Hanging knee raises
Bench rebounds

Taken pre-lift.  Not too shabby right?  8/14/2014
 I am actually carb cycling right now, as I want to lean out a bit (lose lbs but still make some gains in strength).  I am only doing what they call a 'classic' which means every other day, but I need to move towards 2 days low, 1 day high to make it a bit of a faster process.  I could definitely tell a difference yesterday in the mirror at the gym in just after 1 week of CC.

And for anyone reading, and freaking out about OMG TOO MUCH MUSCLE, keep in mind I was flexing.  I don't look like that walking around.  For reference this was a couple of days later at lunch with the fam.

Lil T is SIX months old already!!!

I DO want more definition when in a 'relaxed' state but I still have a couple of months to go before I probably see what I want to see...

I don't know if I am actually going to hit my weight loss for the DietBet (2 weeks to go) since I am lifting a lot more and that can hinder the actual number on the scale dropping but I am OK with that...although I DO want to hit that number anyway :O)

2 miles elliptical

(for reference here is my list of lifts/# of reps and sets I am not recording here but if anyone wants more info, you can email me or place a comment)

Backward Medicine Ball Throw
Alternating deltoid raises
Dumbbell press
Barbell shoulder press
Bent over low pulley side laterals
Seated lateral raises
Clean and press
One arm lateral raises (reversed) Dumbbell (lying down)

25 burpees
15 min stair mill just to really kill me off

I had track work today.  Blah.  What I didn't do was keep track of my times.  I was having a hard enough time just being out there by myself.  Again the rest of the group had regular runs and I had track.  There was one girl there from our group but shes been sick and was gone within 2 laps around.  I also took too long to get there and by the time I started closer to 6:30 blah, blah, blah.

2 mile warm up
In between each 800 I recovered for 400
I didnt do any cool down mile.  Was just over over over it.

Instead of tracking my times, I just made sure I was doing what I could at that given time.  Just because I wasnt timing my 800's didnt mean I was slacking off.  I did however use the intervals 40/20 which REALLY helped.  If I had timed my laps, I probably would have been faster than 2 weeks ago.  Eh. 

I don't know...I might just bag these track workouts until its cooler.  Or get my ass out there at 5:30 which will help.

The field and part of the track were now covered with school football players and their parentals.  Grabbed my bag and headed to the far end, where I finished off with:

Tire pulls
Tire flips
Jump Rope
(I love that the football players equipment is just out for me to use!!)  Of course I brought my own mat and jump rope though!  No way was I doing burpees on that track and the grass is still wet most mornings.


Ah Sunday, my favorite day of the week!!  I was ready to get to the gym and get some workout on.  Its so dead there every Sunday and I just enjoy being able to move around freely and not have to get in peoples way and vice versa!

1 mile elliptical


Worked extra hard today (and this morning my shirt sleeves which are short are TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT since it hits right on the biggest part of my biceps). 

1 mile run treadmill
1 mile stairmill

10 min in sauna
10 min in steam room

Basically on Sundays I am at the gym sometimes up to 3 hours depending.  More often 2.5 hours.

I will refrain from posting the post-lift shot of my back but the muscles were awesome looking!  I'm saving those for progress pics which will probably just stay private.

On to the new week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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