Monday, August 11, 2014

Week in Workouts

I think I am going to keep doing this on a weekly basis.  I do keep more detailed notes in a Running Calendar/Notebook that I get every year.  I think I went last year without one?  Cannot remember now.  Sam got me one the first Christmas I knew him and I love them.
However, and even though I know I don't have a lot of people that read here anymore, there are a few of you still, and I feel like if I put it where someone can actually see it, I tend to go harder and not slack off unless I really REALLY want to or need to!
3 miles running
LEGS - oy vie
Gonna hurt so good
I got that leg workout in that I said I need to do at least once a week.

Lordy SO tired today; wanted to have my rest day today but knew I'd regret it if I couldn't enjoy it tomorrow.  I don't know what the deal has been but both yesterday and this morning I woke up extremely tired and just felt 'off'.  A couple of other people then posted about it (them) on Facebook and who knows?  Maybe it is the moon or some weird thing like that?
5 miles and it was pretty awful but it got done.  I just kept telling myself, if it takes an hour it takes an hour.  Just keep going and don't give up.  But damn I was so tired and my legs felt heavy.
Then this came on my iPod in the last mile and I got a renewed sense of awesomeness. I swear I loooooooooooooooooove me some Iggy .... Girl got flow fo sho!!!
Rest day
Of course I wake up this morning unlike Mon and Tues in that I don't feel tired and weird.  Guess the moon-funk or whatever it is, went away. 
I do feel sore though.  I thought my legs by now would be in a world of hurt, but eh, its just a little bit of hurt.  I could totally go swimming or take a class after work for an active recovery day, but I am taking my deserved rest day!!!
Today we started a DietBet!  Well just 3 of us, but thats OK.  Online at there is some serious coin going down.  Ain't nobody got time fo dat ;o)  Besides, our little threesome do not have a lot of weight to lose, but for someone who does, I think the DietBet site is a good place.  Definitely motivating especially if you like money and who doesn't like money?!?!?!

So in 30 days I gotta lose 4% or I lose my buy in amount ($25)
This is NOT going to exactly be easy.  While its just a few pounds for me (5.02), it is HARD to lose.  But I am going to give it my best shot and the idea of losing $, even just $25 is unacceptable! 

Today's starting weight: 127.0
Interesting to note that all 3 of us had the .0 after our weight which I found to be odd.

Our last weigh in will be: September 4

I took before photos, but I am not very good at that to begin with; Might post before/after photos in September if there is any real noticable to the camera difference.
3 miles treadmill
1 mile row - 9:31 (getting faster)
1 hour Zumba
This Saturday I had track work on my schedule.
This is completely foreign to me.  I do long runs on Saturdays not speed.  But hey its all good.  Its been 2 years since I have done speed work of any kind and it showed.  I didnt beat myself up about it either, but I know I have some work to do and I'm willing to do it.  I ended up being the only one of the group with track work, except there was supposed to be a couple of others from one of the slower groups, but I never saw them. 

Good thing was that I got to 'sleep in', which means I showed up at Lukes at 6:00 :)

I started out with a 1 mile warm up (dont even know the pace)
4 x 800
Pre Nebraska, and at my tip top shape (2010-2011), my 800's were closer to 4:10
This Saturday, not so much.
My best was 4:35 and my worse (the last one) was 4:55.
Didn't help how completely awful hot and humid it was.  Needless to say I was slinging 'rain' left and right around that track.  A hot mess for sure.
After each 800, I walked 400.
Then I did a mile repeat, which honestly at 10:37 after all that nonsense above, I was strangly OK with that too.
I NEED to do my 1 mile time trial this week but dang I dont know when its going to get done.  I need to this to properly calculate what my speed work needs to be done at to improve.
Another mile cool down.  I still wasn't ready to be done working out, so I took advantage of some of the football players equipment and started doing tire flips up and down the 100m portion of the track.  I am sure I looked a crazy site to those that had already started showing up for football practice.

I was tired for sure afterwards, but had a lot going on the rest of the day, so no rest for the weary.

Here's a funny picture taken at the store Saturday afternoon

Me as JJ Watt :O)

Texans preseason fun
B texted late morning to go ride at TH but it was WAY too hot so instead B came over for pool time instead.
Morning: Active recovery: swimming
Lost count of laps; something like 24, maybe 26 plus
8 laps pool running
Various other water exercises: push-ups, tricep dips, LOTS of leg kicks till my quads were on fire!

Evening: gym
Back, biceps and triceps plus
KB's, weighted ropes, sled pushes/90lbs of weight stack

I honestly didn't plan on going to the gym.  I had had an active day, but around 5:30 when I got the text to go, and I HAD been thinking about it, really wanting to get in weights work...well I just did it and was glad to have afterwards.  An extra session never makes me feel bad :O)

Needless to say I slept like a ROCK last night and straight through to almost 6am!  Unheard of!

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