Friday, August 1, 2014

What My Week Looked Like - Workouts

Cardio day at gym
3 miles treadmill - 32 min
1 mile stairmill - 14 min - this thing KILLS me.  I always choose the fatburner program option and right now, I put in level 5 for 12 min, then there is a 2 min cooldown.  I am going to keep it at 12 min for a while to see if I can increase distance with a faster level...but damn the amount of sweat that comes out of my body shocks me.  Granted I was a sweaty beast coming off the TM to begin with but this just intensifies the sweatage seepage.  So gross.
1 mile elliptical - 12 min
1 mile rowing - 9:55 - I alternate my grip on the rower whenever I am going to row a mile or more.  Overhand grip will work your shoulders, chest and upper back more, while an underhand grip works the biceps, triceps and lower back more. I am really good at rowing for some reason and can get distance easily due to an 'efficient pull' every time.  I love, love, love rowing!

1 mile warmup - elliptical
500m row
1 hour weights - shoulders and chest/heavy on shoulders today
1 mile sprint - treadmill

Rest day
Thank goodness.  Had a bit of an 'issue' late afternoon; definitely not a good day for activity of any sort

4 miles treadmill
30 min Zumba - was supposed to be full hour but my left knee was CRAZY hurting and I knew I needed to stop.  Came home took 4 ibu and started icing.  I was PISSED too.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this instructor and her class is SO fun.  She is just beyond awesome so yeah, I was NOT happy. 

Rest day
Still on ibu and icing...walking up stairs hurts as I found out when I got to work.  Man I am gonna be pissed off if this hurts me this weekend.  Its the INSIDE of the left knee which is just weird.  But I also realized my running shoes I wear more often than not are ones I got in January when I was here for marathon weekend.  Oops. Off to 3point5 to get me another pair (60% off) :O)

Up at 4:10 and running at 5am
5 miles w the group then
We ran across the street to the junior high track for speed work
3 miles of speed
8 miles total 

The knee was fine other than it ouchied a bit towards the last couple of miles. 
I'll be glad when my new shoes come in. 

Boy was I sore this morning!  It's been a while since I've put much effort into my running.  Next weekend should be interesting as my Saturday running/workout is all speed work.  

2 miles warmup on elliptical
1 hour weights - back, biceps and triceps
60 KB swings alternating between 20lb and 30lb
1 mile sprint 
20 min in the steam room

LOVE Sundays at the gym!!  Not crowded at all.
Was going to do the 2pm Zumba class but I was STARVING!
Food > Zumba 

I like my 4 days on, 1 day off, 1 day on, 1 day off schedule.  It breaks the week up nicely and I love having a Tues or Wed off as complete rest.  Sometimes one of those days I do an active recovery day, same for Sunday.  Sometimes I go a bit harder on Sunday, or I just do very light.  Today was NOT light :)

And all the hard work is paying off too!!!
I really saw a difference today :)


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