Monday, July 28, 2014

Junie Lately

Did I ever formally mention that I did in fact join the swank-swank gym?  Well I did and I am LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVING it.  From the steam, sauna, whirlpool, lap pool, THE CLASSES OH THE CLASSES!  Anyway yeah I love it.  Plus the real reason I joined is so that I have big heavy things to pick up and put down over and over.  LOVE MY LIFTING!
Today I have a very quiet day at work which is very unusual for me of late, so I thought I would pop in, write a bit.  I have a couple of other titles drafted out but I didn't feel like writing about any of that today.
I am also loooooooooooooooving my new job here, well its my same job but different company I guess really. 
Know what else I am loving?  Katy.  Cinco Ranch.  Whichever.  I don't live in Katy proper, I live in Cinco Ranch which is about 8 miles S (ish) from actual Katy Katy.  My work address is Katy, my home address is Katy, but neither are Katy proper.  Oy.
I really do just love it out here.  Its not the Katy of yesteryear thats for sure.  Every thing and I mean EVERYTHING you have in Houston, you have here basically.  Same restaurants, even the smaller ones like Black an example.  Walking around LaCenterra Saturday evening after dinner out it was obvious that the popular spots in Houston have branched out to reach Cinco Ranch.  Which is super duper nice for me!
So yeah I kinda love it here.
Ah, also I am indeed joining a running/training group out here as well.  Saturday went very well with them for the 2nd try and I think its gonna work for me.  We'll see anyway.  I have a few goal races and/or times through February so we will see if their approach helps or does nothing for me.  There is a lot about it thats kinda crazy and not what I am used to.  An example would be that my longest long run for a half is 17 miles.  AND its 2 weeks out from whatever date race day is. Oy.  Not so much the 2 weeks out, which is normal I guess, at least for me, but not 17 miles.  LOL.

I am very excited just to be living LIFE again.  I don't want to dwell much anymore on what was so wrong the past 2 years, but dang I am just so happy!

One of the things I have been enjoying is buying some new clothes. I never bought much up there in Nebraska due a lot in part that you had to order everything online too (unless you REALLY like camo), and what I did buy was for the colder and COLD weather, so buying things for Summer and able to wear 9 months out of the year instead of the other way around has been fun!  I just bought a few more items and I am good until next year at least!  However there are some things that now will be going into a box and donated.  There were still a few things I couldn't seem to part with yet again when moving but its time and I made up my mind on that today.  

My goal of living more minimally has to have its rules and one is that if I am going to 'replace' items then I need to just do that.

Its just so much darn fun being able to shop again!!

I/we spend a lot of time at the pool.  Goofing off and visiting mostly.  But racing laps as well which is always a hoot.  The amount of time I am spending with family and friends is good for my heart and my head, whether its at my pool, eating out, getting together at whoever's house it is this time around.  I cannot believe how blessed I am.  I mean I always knew it but until I went away I just didn't truly realize you know??

I am not seeing all of my friends as often as I would like mainly because no one really seems to be willing to compromise and thats OK.  I get it.  I've offered up and invited and suggested and well quite frankly, I'm kinda over that.  For the most part if I am invited to do something, I am going to make the effort unless its just something I cannot do or don't want to do.

Kinda like I don't wanna make the drive into Houston every single Saturday to run with KW, I would love to see my KW friends every weekend but I'm OK with not too.  And I have a lot of friends actually that live in Katy that I never got to see before, that I do get to see now.  So its never gonna be lose/lose! 

One thing I haven't replaced and am definitely ready to, is a man in my life.  Its something I think about often, and I am in fact ready.  I've made so many changes in myself over the past 3 years or so and being in NE, well I wasn't looking to stay there, so a steady man wasn't something I was looking for necessarily.  But now?  Yeah I am definitely open to a REAL relationship.

So I'm meeting and greeting and just keeping myself open to possibilities.  That too is fun you know? 

So if you know anyone....

TaTa for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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