Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Let Freedom Ring!

Oh goodness what a fantabulous long weekend!
We actually got let go from work around 1ish I guess on Thursday, and I took Monday off as well, so yeah it was such a great great great weekend!
Here is the boring parts; you know the working out highlights :O)
Friday morning I got up and headed into town to run a local 4th of July 5K that I ran once before and HATED.  LOL.  But as I mentioned a while back, I signed up for a couple of races this Summer just to get myself back in the groove of having actual races to attend!
I had run this race once before, gosh it had to have been like 2007 or something and swore to never do it again.  And now, I know I won't ever do it again.  Again.  :O)
It was great to go and see some familiar faces though and they do have great swag afterwards; and the tech race shirt (gender specific) was a nice touch too!
Nothing to write home about.  I was doing OK for a while though.  Except it had to have been about just a mile in and I had to go pee like no ones business.  Like the kind where you KNOW you can't possibly run much further without peeing because its all you are going to think about and 2 miles is going to feel like 10.  So I am not sure where the right hand turn was, but I know there was a turn, I saw a construction porta potty and I made a beeline for it.  I had to pee a LOT more than I originally thought, so there was about 30sec out the window.
But man did I feel better!!!
I had set my watch to do 7/1's which worked out fine only that for the first 1/2 of the race I was running too fast to sustain it later on in the heat.  I was literally soaked through by the end.  So much so that I almost couldnt get my top off (I changed in the parking lot as I was going to meet Ed for breakfast afterwards).
But it was good to get out there even when its uncomfortable.  I am actually surprised at how well I am handling the running here in Texas again after being away for so long.  If I put in some real effort, I might be able to get a bit closer to where I was a little bit faster.  

Eh, I am enjoying all the other activities I have going on to put all my focus on just running ever again.  I love running for the comradirie and the bling/swag now :O)
Saturday morning I was up and out the door to get in 7 miles but it was a solo run since everyone else either drank too much or stayed up too late the night before.  Or both.
I started at 6am out at TH and it was actually nice to just be by myself for a long run as a change.  Had a little 'situation' about 6 miles in but thankfully I was able to take care of that and finish up without incident.  HashtagRunnerProblems
Sunday was an active recovery day (swimming, running around)...the family was over for pool party and grilling out and we had the best time.  Its the 3rd time now we've all gotten together at my new place and its special to me.  I cannot believe how blessed I am with the family I have.  And to be back in Texas?  I don't know how I lasted as long as I did!!!!

My heart!  He will be 5 months old on Friday!  QUIT growing!

Monday, B and I had plans to hit up GB and TH for running and boot camp but she texted early early that she wasn't feeling well and was bailing.  I wasn't upset because duh, I sat around and drank more coffee and watched TV longer :O)
What I ended up doing eventually was swinging by the gym I was thinking about joining to have a tour and talk about $.  I didn't actually talk to anyone till when I came back later in the day to actually work out.  I did 3 miles on the treadmill, followed by a legs workout and finishing off with 10min in the steam room.  WOW.  I miss having all the amenities!!!  The steam room is one of my favs!  I am not too keen on the whole coed thing though because I prefer to be able to go in there in just a towel but umm... yeah probably not allowed :O)
This morning I ended up joining since a promotion started today which the membership counselor had told me about.  So yeah, now I am officially a member.  It comes out to be $12 more a month than I was paying in Sidney and well this place is swank so its totally worth it. This afternoon it was 3 miles plus shoulders/chest and I finished up with 5 min on the stairmill.  Good GAWD that thing is BRUTAL!  How in the HELL do you burn 300 cal in 5 min???  STAIR.  MILL.
Plus I cancelled a monthly subscription service which I figured makes up the difference (being in Houston now, I no longer need NatureBox as my options to purchase healthy snacks is abundant).  I will say that NatureBox was a great thing for me living in a rural area though!
So there is my long weekend of workouts ... managed to stay busy and active, with a lot of fun AND some rest in there as well.

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