Monday, August 18, 2014

Week in Workouts

Tired.  Exhausted.
I so did NOT want to do a darn thing today. 
But I figured if I go to the gym and not run outside (HOT), I might have a chance at salvaging something.

What I managed was 40min on the treadmill and 10min on the stairmill. 

Better than nothing at all.  And with the amount of people at the darn gym on Mondays to begin with, I just didn't want to be there. It just all seemed so overwhelming to me for some reason.

One of the things that gets me active is the fact that for 8 hours a day humans, for the most part, sit on their asses.  This is not good for us and directly contributes to someone being overweight and/or obese.  So in my mind, going home at the end of the day and doing nothing is just unacceptable.  Unless of course its a rest day or your body truly signals you that you in fact, do need to rest.

Considering the effort I have put in the past 2 days AND normal life activities on any given weekend, I know my body could use a bit of a break.

It had to be done.  I had to switch my rest days this week because I was just worn the f out.  I almost got my ass in gear around 6:30 but then figured I had waited this long already and my pj shorts felt SO good...

So basically I laid around is said pj shorts, on the couch, watching television until it was time to go to bed.

After thinking about it further, I might just switch my rest days to Tuesday from Wednesday, to give the whole 3 days on, day off, 2 days on, day off schedule a try.  Once my long runs on Saturday start tapping in over 10 miles, not to mention the speed work every other Saturday (definitely had my legs hurting by Sunday night into Monday), Tuesdays might be a better fit for me than a Wednesday rest day.

Gonna give it shot! 

Woke up feeling a LOT better (rested) than I have the past 2 days.  Yep, I think the Tuesday night rest might be in my best interest until all these half's are over and done (mid-February).  Which by the way I have made a decision about my running past that point and what 2015 looks like after my last scheduled half marathon early February.  More on that in a separate post.

1 mile on TM
2000m on rower - I didnt think to look at time cuz my niece came over for me to show her the correct way to pull but I THINK it was like 12:26 or something like that. Close enough for the time being
1 mile on TM

Then: legs/abs workout
50 walking lunges (no weight)
Leg press
Weighted floor crunch
Squats (weighted)
Leg Extensions
Hanging knee raises
Bench rebounds

1 mile sprint on TM
Whoa.  My legs and booty be sore when I woke up this morning.  Actually my whole body is sore as hell. 
Its a cardio day:
4 miles
1 mile stairmill
9.5 miles with the group

It was of course, hot.  And humid.  I had a few choices on start time but since I had 9 miles on my schedule and the 3rd start was for 9 miles exactly, thats when I started.  The time was to be 6:10 which ended up being closer to 6:30 since we had to wait for the 2nd group to show.  Ugh ugh and more ugh.

I've decided I am going to be starting with the 2nd loopers from now on and if I have to add on I have to add on with the 3rd group.  They typically start anywhere from 4:30 to 5am and until it gets cooler, thats what I am going to do.  I can take any temp as long as its dark outside.

Anyway the 9 mile route was actually 9.40 which is fine.  I round up :O)
So this run actually went very well!  I was a bit worried.  I was sore from the week, had a bit of a sore throat.  We had a SAG at mile 4 and 7 which always helps when they have COLD COLD water and COLD COLD WET TOWELS!!

I wore my darn (new) water belt and it was OK.  I still hate them.  At mile 7 though when we saw Leo, I gave it to him since I was almost done.  Man what a RELIEF!!!  I also left the group at that point because they were going a bit too slow for me and I was ready to be done.  Nothing against the slowness, a few of them were at mile 21 for the day, and yeah they were tired (with 23 miles to do I guess you're gonna go slower at that point!)

The last 2.4 miles I felt so free having dumped off the water belt.  And unfortunately those last miles were also too much sun!  There was SOME shade depending on the curve of the sidewalk so that was nice.

But yeah, great day for me considering.  I feel like I am acclimating just fine after having been gone from this kind of weather for 2 years.

And I officially joined the group on Friday (which means I paid for my training) !!

It was a long day/night on Saturday, and because of my food intake Saturday night (Texan game nonsense), I didnt sleep well.  I drove out to the fam's, etc. etc., so when I finally got home late Sunday afternoon the last thing I wanted to do was hit the gym.

But I did.  And you know I was PROUD of myself for it too.  I don't normally give myself a pat on the back but I literally did just that after I left the gym :O)

2 miles elliptical
Shoulders and chest

Lifted heavier this round and while it was challenging, I completed it.  Of course, I certainly feel it this morning.  In a good way.


And yes, for the record, I AM running my miles mostly inside through the Summer.  I have done this previous summers here in Houston except for my mid week longer run during marathon training.

Now that a) I know I can train some on a TM with little to no impact on game day effort and b) I'm training for a half and not a full, and finally C) my long runs are still done outside...then yeah until the weather cools off I will continue to do so.

There was a time when I would get up in the morning to run before work, but those days are over.  Now I get up early so I can enjoy my coffee, the news, and the peacefulness of a new day dawning.

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