Wednesday, July 31, 2013

ENERGYbits - Product Review - Part II AND A GIVEAWAY!!!

Well this is a first.
I've never given any product TWO reviews before on here!
You can click that link to take you to the original review/post and read up there as well!  Its important for the whole picture.

When I first received a sample of ENERGYbits, I was a bit thrown off by the smell of them. Yes, their taste would probably be a bit strong (if you chewed them) but what can you expect when it is made of 100% Spirulina algea. I would recommend swallowing the bits whole with a glass of water.  I read that if I chewed the bits it would leave a greenish color in my mouth and I sure didn't want that!

Additionally there was absolutely no burping smells of the sea either, and believe me I tested it!  Can you say carbonated water?  That'll help those burps along!

As I mentioned in the previous post, I was apprehensive about swallowing that many pills.  I mean I can swallow 4 Tylenol no problem and these are way smaller than those.  I actually swallowed 5-6 at a time with small sips of water since I didn't want that whole sloshy belly thing happening before a run of ANY distance, let alone 16 miles!

2nd trial run
So I had a few bits left from the sample tin that I had received (I kept some back on purpose to try again), and because I felt kinda ouchy in my right foot/heel, I decided to go ahead and take that rest day on my schedule and wait until Monday morning as planned.

So Monday morning about 20 min before I headed out, I took what was left of the sample tin of bits, I think maybe 18?  Cant remember.

It was extremely humid and honestly my legs felt a bit like lead and this time around the bits, while did make me a bit more 'clear' or awake, I struggled physically.  I figured it was that I obviously hadn't had enough of the recommended dosage among one thing or another.

I had already decided before this that I was going to order a bag of 1000 bits just off the one successful outing I had on the 16 miler and regardless of how a measly 4 miler went, I wasn't ready to just change my mind so quickly.

So I went to the ENERGYbits website, did more reading, read some more blog reviews then decided to click on the Contact Us button to inquire about whether there was a refund or money back guarantee policy.

Within 10 min I received a response back from the CEO and co-founder of the company telling me that due to FDA regulations they could not do any of that if a package was opened and could not be resold.

Made perfect sense in this case.

Additionally she offered up another option to where since I was not quite ready to pull the trigger on the investment that they have a sample buying program where you can buy individual servings (30 bits) for $3 plus a $2 shipping fee.  (I cannot say how AWESOME their customer service is!)

I ordered 2!  This should give me enough of a sampling on a couple more longer runs to confirm what I already suspect and that these things are the real deal!

Now I will stalk my mailbox until they arrive (hoping hoping hoping that they show up before Saturday!)  Even though its just 11 miles this week for a long run, would be nice to have a great experience (weather is supposed to be craptastic  :O(


So do YOU want to have an opportunity to be #poweredbybits ???

ENERGYbits has graciously extended an offer to one reader to sample ENERGYbits or any of their other line:  RECOVERYbits, SKINNYbits, VITALITYbits

Make a choice and leave it in the comments section below!
An additional entry for a tweet out; just use "I want to be #poweredbybits like @glitterrunner with @energybits".
An additional entry also will be awarded if you LIKE EnergyBits on Facebook

So that's 3 chances to win!

If you Tweet or Facebook 'like' please put in an additional comment for each.

I will use to choose the winner on Wednesday, August 7th at noon MST.

Good Luck!

Please Note: I am not sponsored by ENERGYbits and received no compensation for this post. I just like to share my experience with different products out there that can help runners. All opinions expressed are my own.

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