Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 5


Got up at 4:45am to get ready to run and it was raining.
RAINING?!?!?  I was thankful for it, but it was raining pretty good and there was lightning.  I waited a bit to see if it was passing but it wasn't so I left and drove the 1 mile to the gym for a treadmill run.

4 miles - Was not feeling it on the I didn't eat dinner last night (nor did I eat a lot the entire day) and I felt REALLY sluggish.  Go figure.

PM Workout - Basic weights training at the gym.  No CrossFit style this week for the most part; burpees, sit ups, planks push ups...things like that sure, but not much.  Its going to be a rough week run-wise and I want to be ready for it!

5 miles
4:45 am wake up....while I didn't have an issue getting out of bed to run this morning, I did have an issue with actual running.  I don't know; maybe the 2-a-day yesterday was too much?  My legs did NOT want to go, so I ran most of it, but added in walking whenever I just felt like it.  Mostly the felt like its happened when I would cross a street.  Run the block, walk the street, repeat a couple of times until I felt like running all of my time again.  I even zoned out a few times, like I lost track of time somehow and then my watch would beep at me to walk, and I was like 'already?'.  Just a weird morning all the way around.

I even thought about cutting it short, but figured you know what?  I got up at the ass crack of the day to get this done, so I'm going to get the miles in one way or another.  And thats what I did and felt great about the accomplishment even if the journey wasn't stellar.

Happens that way sometimes.

Then when surfing the interwebz, I just so happened upon this article on Runners World.

Well there ya go.  I need to just scale back if I don't achieve the right balance and continue to experience difficulties during my running sessions.
4 miles

Rest - Drive to Denver to get JM!!!

14 miles
What can I say?  Jaime was here to run with me.  The weather was about 60 and no wind (warm to me, perfection for Jaime coming from NC this time of year) and we got lucky with cloud cover for the entire time!  We did some loops, and we threw in some out and backs along Deadwood Trail to mix it up.  Was just awesome.  I wish I had her here all the time!!!!

1 hour walk; Jaime had 6 miles on her schedule but with the blisters she is having to doctor, it just wasn't to be for her today.  So we just set out for a nice hour long walk.  Was great and I could have run surprisingly my legs didn't feel sore.

Rest - Drive to Denver - JM leaves
Womp womp

Week 6 has another mile added to the long run (15), and then I get a cut back week!!

Sooooooooooooo looking forward to that!

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