Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 4


Was supposed to get up and do 5 miles before work.
Didn't happen.  I woke up off and on all night because of whatever, and then closer to the alarm it was because of severe cramps.

So I just said F that, popped 4 ibuprofen and laid on the couch with the news and my iPad, had 2 cups of coffee and then got ready for work.

The 5 miles still got done today, however the WOD that was supposed to go along with the daily workout, did not.

Womp Womp.




5 miles before work.  Had to set the alarm for 4:45 and was out the door by 5:15!  First time for everything!  AND made it to work by 7:25 so I could be ready for a straight up 8AM meeting.  HATE those!


Another 4:45am wake up call.  Was tough this morning.  Kids were popping fireworks off until 10pm and I was trying to sleep!  Had been up since 4:45 on Wednesday due to running early!

Its been really hot here this week, so running in the morning (its generally about 55-60) is just absolutely necessary.  Thankfully the weather will be going back to normal for the weekend (june 29) and next week.  I don't like the 90's!!!!  LOL.

Gym after work:
12 min AMRAP

10 Burpees
25 Double Unders (75 Singles since I cannot do DU's)

Got through 8 rounds + 3 burpees of 9th round
My fat ass was whupped!



13 miles

This was a rough one today.  But it got done!
It was cool enough when I started (55) but here in Sidney, the sun is up and shining brightly by 5:30, and I started just past that.  Stupid coffee wasn't helping this morning ;) and I was waiting for my body to comply.

Needless to say it warmed up quickly (74 by the time I finished about 2.5 hours later), and the sun just beat down on me the entire time.  Only when I was running S on my route, could I run on the one side of the street for brief bouts of 'shade' from the few trees in some peoples yards.

I ran 4 of my usual loops and after that I decided to head a bit E towards the soccer fields out on Deadwood Trail.  There is NO shade whatsoever, but at least on the way back the sun was at my back.  Helped a little plus for a short time the sprinklers were going off and that felt wonderful!

At least through July and part of August I am going to have to start at 5am if I want to beat the heat a bit more.  Granted its no where near the heat I had to endure in Houston training, but at least there I had others running around me that were suffering right along with me!

At least we have relief coming this week, with temps back in the low 80's for highs and low 50's in the evening and mornings.  Thats gonna be nice to have those back!!!

3 miles

This next week's training is gonna be a bit crazy as I have a friend coming to visit from North Carolina who is training for the 155 miles across Iceland in August.  Thankfully its basically taper time so the miles I help put in won't be anything near what has been necessary!  But this weeks mileage will go up exponentially unless I just end up taking an extra rest day but why would I?

That would be silly.

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