Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 1

Saturday: 11 miles
Sunday: Nada
Monday: 5 miles (3.5 in the morning before work; overslept, then had to follow up with 1.5 at the gym in the evening followed by sprints on the track incorporated with CrossFit WOD)
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday:  5 miles
Thursday: 4 miles AM; weights/CF at gym PM
Friday: Nada
Saturday: 11 miles
Sunday:  5.0 birthday miles :)

Normally I would take Sunday off after a long run, even if it is just 11 miles, but it was my birthday and well one has to do birthday miles right?

So in making out my calendar in training for my 3rd Chicago Marathon, and 10th overall full marathon, I am relying on my knowledge from all the years I trained with Kenyan Way.  I could pay the $50 for an online schedule from Sean to get me through, but I figured I could wing it just fine.

Several weeks ago I plotted out my long runs, cut backs and taper on the kitchen calendar and would take the daily week stuff week by week.

I did go online to see some of the intermediate plans like from Hal Higdon just for comparison and well when I compare them, it seems I am ramping up a bit sooner than Higdon would have me do.  I am already at 11 miles for a long run, and this plan starts out at 8 and that is still 2 weeks from now.


Well I am going to keep my schedule as is, knowing though that I can cut if I need to, but its also nice knowing that I am ahead of the game.  With so much time off in 2012 due to injury and moving, I'm not starting over but man sometimes it feels like it.  Its been 18 months since I've done a full marathon!  And obviously longer than that since I've trained for one!

Still this is going to be one long training cycle for me up here all alone in this teensy tiny town.

On to week 2!

Peace Out!

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