Sunday, June 23, 2013

Chicago Marathon Training Recap - Week 3

Monday:  4 mile run (AM)

Gym Workout (PM)
3 X:
500m row
20 pull ups (band assisted)
30 box jumps (or step ups since I'm not allowed to do box jumps)

It still amazes me how easy WOD's look on paper and then you start doing it and you're like "OMG I WANT TO JUST DIE"


I also did: 200 single unders
40 air squats
100 butterfly sit ups
(this was my warm up)

Learned my lesson last week; no more leg stuff AT ALL, other than running 2 days or less before long run.  So it's switched to Monday night gym night now.

Tuesday:  Rest

Wednesday: 4 miles; treadmill
I've had a really bad week so far (stressed and anxious), so at 3:30 I left work, went home, changed out of my work attire and crawled into bed.  Woke up at 6:30!
I didn't really want to run, and it was still so hot out and WINDY as hell, so I got my butt dressed and went to the gym for 4 easy.  I felt better for having done it when I clearly didn't want to.

Up and out the door by 5:45 to meet Em at the gym for a WOD
I texted her to make sure we were still going, because well I didn't want to!  LOL, but she convinced me it would make for a better day. 

WOD:  (AM)
20 hanging knees to elbows
Run 200m
20 push ups
Run 200m
20 sit ups
Run 200m
20 Good Mornings (w weighted bar)
Run 200m

x 3

Was a sweaty sweaty mess when it was over and I just wanted to lay on the ground and pass out.

But dang I do feel like its going to be a turning point of a day in what otherwise has been a crappy week!!!

2 miles to clear my head from the day

Friday:  Rest

Saturday: 8 miles (cut back week)
Pushed the pace a bit since it was a shorter run.  Finished in 1:23
I've gone from running 3/1's when I first started running consistently again (December) to now doing 6/1's.  Hoping the 6/1's still work out for me next week when I have 13 to do.  We'll see.  My goal is to get back to running mile at a time with the walk at water stops by the time Chicago gets here.  Seems weird that just 1.5 years ago I was doing 2 miles at a time on training runs with the rests only at the KW water stops.  
My shorter runs I can do the mile at a time without impairing my performance but the longer runs I am just gradually working my way back up.

Sunday:  3 miles followed up with 6 x 100m strides and stretching
Today was the fastest I have EVER done this 3 mile route.  The last 1/2 mile is ALL UPHILL and I always struggle with it.  Today I ran it in 31:37.  Was pretty proud of that.  Thats not to say I didn't struggle with it, but I tried to just push through.  It helped I guess that the first 2.5 miles were done quicker as well.  I will have to download the data to see how much I slowed down that last half mile comparatively.

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Karen Seal said...

Great workouts this week! Our coach always gives us a hard time about leg workouts the day before a long run so I understand where you are coming from! I've gotten in trouble one too many times! lol